There’s a girl we love

called Camilla.

We entered her world – where she used to work (at Juice Baby). She always came to say hello to us and soon Mummy got to know her. She has doggies of her own.

But she came to stay with us this summer.

She takes us for walks and she loves giving us bedtime treats each night in exchange for kisses

and tricks.

George has learned to do the twirl but he isn’t a willing participant and can be quite stubborn about not doing it.

George chooses some nights to sleep with Camilla, or he goes from Mummy’s bed to hers and back. That’s because he had been left with her while we went on a little jaunt around Europe. He wasn’t pleased but we’re grateful that Camilla was here to look after him. So he’s probably appreciative of her, but come to think of it, he goes with everyone.

I’ve stayed as usual in my spot on the bed – no leaving my Mummy for another! I do not take to others easily. It took me awhile before I trusted her. But when she started giving us treats, took us out for walks and gave us lots of cuddles, I soon bonded with her. In fact I am obsessed with kissing and hugging her.But sadly, tomorrow she’s leaving us to go to Finland for a couple of weeks, but she will return to study in Cambridge – which means she is not too far away and will come back to visit.

We will look forward to her return and will definitely be giving her more kisses.

May’s comment: Thank you Camilla for being such good company for Darcy and George. They love you!

Darcy is very much Mummy’s girl and it takes awhile before she gives fully of herself. But she has learnt to trust and love Camilla only after a few weeks. Since then she is full of kisses, more willing to go for walks with her but still pulls with excitement to come home. And she still would only sleep with me.


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