There’s a really fun world out there, Mummy.

Don’t you want to go out with me?

I wonder if we can go outside together and take walks again like we used to?
IMG_3388 The sun’s out and it is really quite lovely.IMG_3418 Jaffa and I run in the parks and so many things to smell and chase after.IMG_3386 But it seems like it’s not going to happen. IMG_3379It’s boring at home – no one to play with and you sit at your desk or take naps.

May’s comment: I’m sorry, little Georgie. You will soon go and play with Jaffa today and before you know it, Darcy will be home. It will all be better soon and next week we will try going to the park together – maybe even with Jaffa. What do you think?IMG_3403And what I really think is you need a haircut!!!!! Bushy face!

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