This is what I think of the cone!

Today has been two weeks since I became bionic.

Mum took me to our local vet today to check on my wound. And Hooray! Wound is mostly healing …

So the cone is coming off!!!

But I have not been very good with leaving my wound to heal. I am very bendy and I managed to position my leg in such a way that I could lick my wound – because it was itchy.

Mum put me in my fuchsia Equafleece to match the pink crate – to stop me from licking it.

But I am really quite crafty and even then I managed to find a way to the wound.

The vet said the wound is healing and she noticed that there was a bit of stitching sticking out which might explain why it’s been bothering me. She cut it off and asked Mum to bath the pinkish wound with warm salty water twice a day and hope that I will leave it alone.

I am still not to lick it so Mum decided to get me a summer Equafleece – as the weather is getting warmer – or so she thinks. She didn’t have much choice of colour and got me a brown one. When she tried it on me – she was rather pleased and thought I look quite handsome in it as the brown brings out the rust colour in my hair.

Mum had also been quite worried that I am still limping every now and then when she takes me out for my five minute walks. The vet reassured her that it is quite normal for me to still limp off and on. Mum was also concerned that my bionic leg was a bit splayed out at certain times. The vet explained that sometimes due to muscle wastage, my leg isn’t as stable.

I think Mum was really quite relieved. She was worried that I might have already caused damage to the leg because one evening when she took me out, I had this urge to jump up on a ledge! She was so shocked she yanked me off it! Oops!

I spend most of the time at home in my little pink crate surrounded by pink toys.

I’m quite used to it now. But when Mum takes me out, we go in the buggy – and I watch the world go by.

Two weeks down and six to go!

May’s comment: Had been a bit worried about George’s progress. The first couple of days I wasn’t as careful with him as I was supposed to be. Strict crate orders meant being in the crate as much as possible. I thought it would be ok for him to run to the kitchen. Apparently not.

George has been amazing in adapting. He readily goes into the crate when I put him in and he doesn’t cry any more. He loves going out in the buggy but don’t trust him to stay in it. He gets excited meeting people so he gets hooked in it.

Two weeks down and six more to go!


  1. Claire Piffard

    You might like to try a babygro on George, you just need to cut out the feet and put it on him back to front (so the poppers do up along his back). We have been using them for our dog Rusty and they have been marvellous (and very comfortable for him in jersey cotton).

  2. Liz Burman

    Good to hear George is healing well, and being a good boy in his crate. That buggy turned out to be an excellent buy didn’t it, and George looks so cute sitting up watching the world go by.

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