Dreams of a Khaleesi gone wrong!

Can I tell you something? When Mummy was thinking of getting a companion for Darcy – she had in mind a white fluffy Cockapoo, maybe a Maltipoo or a Cavapoo.  I was not her vision of dog Nr. 2. 🙂 But all things happen for a reason. 😉

So you ask – Why was Mummy so keen on getting a white fluffy girl?

Her process of looking for a dog is somewhat peculiar. She finds a name she likes and then finds a dog to call it. With Darcy – she wanted a “Mr. Darcy” – a handsome dog. She was not breed specific then.  But she was talked out of getting a boy and ended up with a girl – conveniently, that name could be used for either gender. And so there was Miss Darcy.

Since she had fulfilled her dream of having a “Darcy” in her life, albeit four-legged, she had moved on from a broody man in romantic novels to another broody man in something quite the opposite. She’s a Game of Thrones fan – LOL! And she wanted to name her second dog after one of the characters.  But since it had to be a girl – her choices were …

Arya” would have been difficult to call out.

Sansa” was not a character of her liking.

Cersei” would have been fun. 😉

Danaerys” would have been even harder for recall training. Well, “Dany” might have worked but “Khaleesi” was what resonated with her.And that explains why she wanted a white fluffy cockapoo girl.

Long story short, while searching for a white fluffy Khaleesi, she met me – the complete opposite of what she was looking for. I was an accident. I was black, small and scrawny. I was by no means a Khalessi.Despite all that I ended up as her dog nr. 2. Oops!

I may not be any of all that she wanted but I sure have dragon breath! LOL!But, there’s a lesson to be learnt here Mummy.  In fact, two lessons.

If you stopped searching for what you think you want, but looked at what is before you, you may realise that “Khaleesi” was there all along. Khalessi was not white, she’s blond like Darcy. And she is as regal as you would want her to be – any more you’ll be needing to carry her on a cushion.

And though you never asked for it, you may not realise you’ve got the “promised one”. I am little, I am black, and I have been called names – “Le Mutt”, “Heinz 57”, “the Hungarian refugee” – with unknown parentage.  

I feel I can take on the world no matter how big and scary they are. I have no fear. I react. Sound familiar?You weren’t looking for your Aegon because you wanted a girl, but here I am.  I am your Aegon!

You couldn’t have asked for a better match! How about that? George Aegon!!!

It took you only three years to give me a second name – and one as “regal” as my first.

So Mummy, maybe you can now stop looking for another dog to call “Khaleesi” – I am sure Darcy will answer to that name in no time.

May’s comment: I had been thinking of getting a companion for Darcy. She was always so happy to see me each time I returned that I felt maybe she needed companionship. So the thought entered her mind. By then I couldn’t just get another puppy. Ideally I wanted to find a cockapoo to rescue. There weren’t so many back then.

During my search, I got to know Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue – long story short, I agreed to foster a little black scrawny dog. It was 18 September 2014 when Bobo came into our home – to be fostered.27 September 2014 – he officially became ours and was renamed George.18 September 2017 – it’s the third anniversary of George in our lives! It’s been three “interesting” years – can’t believe we’ve spent more than a thousand days together! 1096 days to be precise.A charmer, a handsome boy! His once thin coat is now a thick shiny gun metal colouringwith hints of bronze.
Full of character. He’s a perfect Number 2!

And since all of Darcy’s godmothers are basically MIA, we can scrap “Darcy Lucinda Lena Isabella Fuzzy Ruby Asta Juno Saskia May-Lee”.  She is after all my Princess/Queenie and her aloofness and her somewhat regal demeanour qualifies her as my Khaleesi. I’ve tried calling Darcy that and she had responded – with a quizzical look, or with arched eye brows. It sounds similar and it was directed at her but I think she would rather stay with her name. 🙂

So there we are. I have a Khaleesi (aka Danaerys) and Aegon story.  Sorry for the spoiler for those who have not watched the final season of Game of Thrones!

No more need to get another dog because of a name – until I find another. 🙂 Though I think Cersei would be quite fun. Now that might have to be a yappy little Pomeranian. LOL!




  1. Cheryl

    Happy Gotcha Day! I’m so glad you found each other!

  2. Eppie Dyann Giles

    Happy Gotcha Day.
    You have a wonderful story.

  3. Elizabeth Burman

    Happy Gotcha day to you both!?

  4. Ruth

    I have loved watching George’s progress as he has gained confidence in his place in the world. You are blessed May to have two beautiful pooches and they are so lucky that you are their hooman xx

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