To Marlow we go

We’re back at Marylebone Station – off to Marlow to see Fred yet again!

We got on the train – as we’re travelling off-peak it’s a lot less crowdedIMG_0845 Lots of seats to go around.IMG_0847 But when Mummy goes off to use the loo, we both keep a watchful eye in the direction where she has gone. IMG_0849 Takes no time to get to Marlow – in fact we were early because Mummy bought tickets for the wrong train!IMG_0852 Thankfully the sun was out and the day seemed a lot warmer than it had been this past week.IMG_0854As we were early, we stood in the sun to wait for Fred and his mummy to come pick us up form the station.IMG_0856But we didn’t know which way she was coming so we each looked out for her in different directions.

Ah ha! Here she comes!IMG_0857 Hi Jane! Where’s Fred? IMG_0860In the car? In the front seat of the car? And we’ve been relegated to the back? Well, I guess it is his car.IMG_0862 We went straight to lunch as the hoomans were starving, it seems.

Mummy found that The Two Brewers just off Marlow High Street is dog-friendly.IMG_0875 Well, not as dog-friendly as the pubs in London.IMG_0867 We were only allowed in the bar area. Isn’t this a pub?  Whenever we’re at a London pub, we can sit anywhere.IMG_0864 Oh, yum! That looks healthily delicious!IMG_0865Not many dog-friendly places in town. We were told that Cafe Copia allow dogs in.IMG_0891After lunch we went to check out Barkers on the High Street – as Mummy forgot to bring us treats.IMG_0889 My, oh my!  This is what I call treats! Jars and jars of them.IMG_0876 Mummy was going to get us Pig’s Ears but was told that Cow’s Ears are less fattening so we got them instead.IMG_0880 As for Fred, he got to pick his own birthday present and he chose a Bag of TiddlersIMG_0879And for his birthday, we got him a cupcake.IMG_0899Yay, Barkers! Nice things you have there.IMG_0885May’s comment: Been into fishy treats lately for the Omega-3!IMG_1007But boy they sure smell fishy!

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  1. Jill Keiser

    Sounds like Fred had a great birthday with his friends, especially at Barkers!

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