Tucked away in the heart of Mayfair

Walking along New Bond Street, we came across Lancaster Court – a small alley way off the main street.There was some indication of life down that way so we went down to check it out. Whoa!

There we found Mews of Mayfair. There’s a Bar and Courtyard Restaurant – fab weather to sit outside, but we chose to go upstairs to the Brasserie – it was quieter and cooler for us.

Can we have a table for one hooman and two pooches please?Don’t you want to sit on the banquette? asked the maitre’d. Ok, then!As for the food – Mummy ate it all up – she didn’t share even one morsel of it.  She explained that the chips have truffles on them and truffles are of the mushroom family … and so on, and so on. I think she liked the food so much, she didn’t want to give up any of it.

May’s comment: Mews of Mayfair is tucked away in a historic courtyard on Lancaster Court just off of New Bond Street or Brooke Street. The Mews offers four floors of sophisticated style with food to match, timeless classics are reinvigorated and new additions keep the menu and atmosphere fresh. There’s a courtyard restaurant, well-shaded from the sun, but not sure what happens when it’s raining. There’s also Mayfair Pizzeria and a bar across the courtyard.



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