Watch out Mutts, here I come!

Mr. Peter, my “chauffeur” had picked me up from Wimbledon Village for my holiday at House of Mutt.IMG_3161After a long journey in traffic, we have arrived and I am anxious to meet who’s there this time.

To “celebrate” my return and really to stretch my legs, Sarah took us out for a run in the wide open fields 12033170_1222924471058140_1514445477833575394_n

WHEEEEE!  And run I did!  And all look at all those big dogs.

12003149_1222924477724806_7552167594610027512_nI am not afraid of them. I run alongside them.

And we even went for a swim in the pond …11990661_1222924511058136_1118391344634499431_nAnd no one shouting after me – NO!!!


May’s comment: Run, run, run Miss D! I am so glad you are there because I know you love it. I’m sorry for a confusing few days. Now enjoy being at House of Mutt – it’s your holiday! We’ll see you in a few. xxx

In the early days, it became a dilemma each time I went away.  I used to travel a lot farther and longer back then when there was one and when I had less separation anxiety.

Kennels was never an option as I have never crated her – except for the times we were foot passengers crossing the ferries.

I would have her stay with friends but two weeks is usually quite a long time for anyone to have her. So she would stay with one for a few days and another for the remaining few days. She was often confused and didn’t know where I was.

I’ve tried having friends coming to stay at mine and she would be just as confused, rushing out the door to look for me or running home after walks to see if I am home.

So when I learnt about The House of Mutt – where there are “No kennels, no cages, no stress: just holiday!” It sounded perfect.

The Suffolk accommodation – The Old Rectory sits in twelve acres of meadowland on the Euston Estate, and Merton Hall is the Merton Estate. Nice address.

Fully fenced paddocks and woodland, lovely old stable yards, gentle rivers and an abundance of sofas and squashy beds in front of the fire – doggy paradise!

There they live as part of the family and there’s a limited number of dogs each stay.

The best part of it – Darcy loves it there. Whenever Peter or Sarah comes to get her, she can’t wait to jump into the car and take her place on the passenger seat, shaking with excitement – knowing exactly where she is going, no confusion there.  She’s going on holiday – her own doggy holiday.

As for me, that’s when my vacation begins because I know she’s ok – and she’s super happy.  And after she had her own holiday – she’s equally happy coming home to be a city girl again.  Makes it all worthwhile.


  1. Debbie jennings

    inhave on,y recently started following this site but I do love the updates for all of you. Enjoy your holiday Miss Darcy and I hope your mum is better soon

  2. margaret danks

    Have fun MissD. If I was closer I would happily have you and Georgie stay whenever mummy needed help.

  3. Neyra

    Wish there was a House of Mutts here in Texas! Looks like doggie heaven.

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