Water not wine, please

Summer finally has arrived and it is hot and muggy!IMG_4842 We found places to sit in the shadeIMG_4838 We sat and looked up to the skies and saw this jet plane – as if shooting out from the trees.IMG_4836Mummy was seeking shade too – she doesn’t like sitting out in the sun too much any more.
IMG_4841After our walk we headed up north of the park instead of going home. “Time for a spot of lunch!” said Mummy.IMG_4829Kensington Wine Rooms?!?!?  “No! No! No!” we said, “Water, not wine!”

“Don’t panic, doggies!” said Mummy, “there’s water to be had.”IMG_4814“In bottles?” asked GeorgeIMG_4818 “No, silly! Look! Water as you know it – in a bowl.” said Mummy.

“Phew!” said George. IMG_4815 Ahhh! That’s more like it. Food as well. Now that’s better.IMG_4820 Now that our thirst has been quenched. Can we have some of your food too?IMG_4823 And out of the blue, we hear a familiar voice. “May?” asked AgnesIMG_4806It’s Agnes, our favourite dog walker of all times!!!! She now only walks dogs in Notting Hill! Boo! We remember Humphrey! George went to say hello, but I was wanting to go back to our lunch!

After lunch we walked to where our car was parked and Mummy poked her head into the Sally Clarke Shop on 1 Campden Street, Kensington. We knew we wouldn’t be allowed in so we had to be tied up next to the door. We got in the way of the people coming and going but no one seemed to mind because it seems many of them come with their doggies and they have to do the same.IMG_4830It’s only a small shop so we were in good view and while Mummy was choosing which brownie she was going to have, the other staff came to speak to us.IMG_4834

May’s comment: The Kensington Wine Rooms in Notting Hill – the only one along that row of restaurants that are dog-friendly.

The focus as suggested by the name is wines but serves modern European cuisine. The name did not suggest anything more but happy to find out that we can eat there happily with the dogs. Maybe wine people are dog-people.

127-129 Kensington Church St, London W8 7LP

This has been added to our Places to Eat list!

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