We can do with a backyard like this –

65 acres of green fields and shrubbery.  IMG_0909 This is what we will do every morning, day and night.
IMG_0928IMG_0929IMG_0961IMG_0960IMG_0996IMG_0997IMG_0931IMG_0918Stopping for the occasional reliefIMG_0984And at day’s end, we will keep running …IMG_0979till the sun setsIMG_0959And then we will go homeIMG_1002 And look at the bright moonlight in the night sky.IMG_1039But Mummy said – that’s nice but she wouldn’t mind the house.IMG_0937May’s comment: In the gardens of Danesfield House in Marlow


  1. Charlotte

    I worked here forever 10 yrs! Really miss those grounds

  2. Jill Keiser

    Wow! What an estate! So gorgeous! I know you and George would really enjoy a daily romp like that, but bet you would start missing your city roots, too!

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