A field trip?

We were told that only dogs of a certain size or serves a certain function can fly in-cabin.

So why are all those big dogs in a plane sitting on their own seats and some even standing on them?

Oh, they are armed forces dogs being flown home after their stint of duty. OK then and I guess they’re on an Air Force planes then.

But we all want to get on a plane and fly away!

Can you imagine how much fun it would be if all the Hyde Park Cockapoos can get on an airplane and fly off somewhere altogether?!?!?!!?  A field trip?

No questions asked at check-in about:

  • how much we weigh?
  • can she stand up in the bag?
  • can the bag fit under the seat in front of passenger?

No stewardess telling us we can’t get out of the bag – that we can walk right on board and have our own set.

No stewardesses asking everyone around us if they are ok with “dawgs” and making us feel like such outcasts

And the airline will have the happiest of passengers.  And all those flying without dogs will be informed and it’s their choice to fly with us or not.

When they serve snacks for humans they will also have snacks for us.

Some practical issues – suggest limiting one dog per row or there will be a lot of barking.  Maybe size limitation?

And all humans are responsible for picking up any accidental poos to be flushed down the toilet.  Their dogs must be trained no-peeing inside whether indoors, in-home or in-cabin. I’ve done it before and on long train journeys so there does not need to be any accident.

Maybe the rules are that if your dog pees, the dog gets a warning and he does it again a second time he can be blacklisted and banned from flying!!!  That’s only fair for the airlines and other passengers.

Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

Hello! Anyone out there listening?

May’s comment: The photo inspires us travellers with dogs to what a dog-friendly world could look like!

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  1. margaret danks

    I’m listening May, also from my sick bed! We would love to take Maggiedog with us everywhere we go… And I know she wouldn’t pee in the cabin lol.

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