• IMG_9863Paddington
  • IMG_0062_2Journey of Marmalade
  • IMG_0346Primrose Bear
  • IMG_0340Sticky Wicket
  • IMG_0334Love, Paddington X
  • IMG_0330Paddingtoscape
  • IMG_0163Mayor of Paddington
  • IMG_0155_2Bearing Up
  • IMG_0168Texting Paddington
  • IMG_0158Brick Bear
  • IMG_9618Golden Paws
  • IMG_9601Good News Bear
  • IMG_9597Paddington Jack
  • IMG_9589Paddington is Great
  • IMG_9480Paddington the Explorer
  • IMG_9477Bearodiversity
  • IMG_9473Bearer of Gifts
  • IMG_9467Parka Paddington
  • IMG_9269Sparkles
  • IMG_8931-2Flutterby
  • IMG_8944Dapper Bear
  • IMG_8952Paws Engage
  • IMG_0748Golden (Selfridges Collection)
  • IMG_0740Toast (Selfridges Collection)
  • IMG_9243Camobear (Selfridges Collection)
  • IMG_8242Special Bear
  • IMG_8184Paws
  • IMG_9516W2 1RH
  • IMG_0150Futuristic Robot Bear
  • IMG_0759Blush
  • IMG_0752Bear Humbug
  • IMG_0493Rainbow
  • IMG_0491Bear Necessities
  • IMG_0541The Spirit of Paddington
  • IMG_0520Thread Bear
  • IMG_0514Little Bear Blue
  • IMG_0510Paddington Lloyd Webbear
  • IMG_0503Bear of London
  • IMG_0498Special Delivery
  • IMG_0837Toggle
  • IMG_1052Taste of Peru
  • IMG_1057Fragile
  • IMG_1061Shakesbear
  • IMG_1042Good Morning, London
  • IMG_1045R;G;B
  • IMG_1049Wonders of the World
  • IMG_1038Bear in the Wood
  • IMG_1232Paddington Who?
  • IMG_1235Gravity Bear
  • IMG_1226Sherlock Bear
  • IMG_1724Wish You Were Here
  • IMG_1721???
  • IMG_1650Chief Bear Scout

The End of the Bear Trail

That’s it! No more bear hunts!  We’re done!

Between George, myself, Impostor and Mummy we have found all 50 bears.  And this is our picture gallery of the 50 + 3 bears! 

Today the bears are being removed from their premises.

Those weren’t the only Paddington Bears around London – this one was at the Post Office.
IMG_0300And then there was this sculpture at Paddington Station.IMG_9875Along the way we were met with disappointment when we heard that someone stole the goggle from The Spirit of Paddington.  He was taken away to be repaired and we had just missed him. But with perverance, we found him when he was returned to Berkeley Square.  And of course O2 who would not let us in and Impostor had to step in to get the job done. 🙂

We’re going to miss you all, Paddingtons!  We have truly enjoyed looking for you.  In the process we have discovered parts of London we have never been to while on the hunt.

Good team work, Georgie Porgie and Impostor – and of course Mummy – who on some days thought she was mad for doing this.

So, now what are we going to do?!?!?!

May’s comment: We never intended to find all 50 – it was too crazy to fathom!  But when we got going, the Bears were not only fun to find, but London seemed more manageable.  And as we started to venture into places we normally had no reason to go to, it became more than just finding Paddington Bears – it was learning about London.  From that aspect, it’s been fantastic – but exhausting!

We’ve enjoyed the movie just as much. I thought Paddington Bear’s expressions were so much like Darcy’s – I kept thinking of her when I watched the movie. 🙂

But the bear hunt is now complete – and we can now focus on the new year.



  1. Julua

    Excellent achievement by May. Loved seeing all the different Bears. X

  2. Rhona

    It’s been great following your adventures.

  3. Tracey

    Nooooooo!! We were hoping to see some bears!!
    We are coming down on NYD (got an amazing first class return deal)
    & your telling me there are no bears to find??!!??
    Well our main intention is to track down the dinarsours at the NHM.
    Unfortunately Ralph & ruby won’t be joining us 🙁
    But we also hope to see some of the great NYD parade too xx

  4. Judith Vogel

    Great accomplishment! It’s quit impressive how you maneuvered Ms Darcy and George
    Around London and take great photos of them with each Paddington!
    George and Darcy bravo to you. You are very good dogs otherwise this project couldn’t have happened.
    I wonder how many people and their 4 pawed friends made the same track!
    You are winners in my book.
    Happy New Year.

  5. Alison Mullett

    Well done Muskateers! It’s been great to follow your progress! And to see photos of all of the Bears. You all deserve a medal!
    Wishing you all a Happy New Year with lots more adventures. X

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