We love to whine and dine

People seem to think we dine out a lot – I wonder why?!?!?! 🙂

Mummy got a call a few weeks ago from Dogs Today and they were asking her where we like to eat out. She was telling them all about our favourite places but didn’t realise we were going to feature in April’s issue. 🙂


May’s comment:  We started writing this blog to share our adventures – to show that dogs can be very much a part of our lives.

It all began when I realised I have “separation anxiety” soon after I got Darcy. Instead of letting it curb my style, I decided to  push the boundaries and bravely ask every time I wanted to go to a restaurant, shopping or travelling.  Sometimes, I was nicely surprised. Many a time, I found myself telling off restaurant managers and retailers that they had misinterpreted the “health and safety” guidelines.  I’ve lost my cool at times, it must be said. 🙂

And we’ve had anxious moments worrying if we would be allowed on a form of transportation. But by doing so, it has allowed me to enjoy as much time as I can with Darcy and now George.

We are pleased that by sharing, it had encouraged others to do the same – whether you have “separation anxiety”, just love being with your dog or just think it’s normal for dogs to go where we go.

Long ways to go before humans will think it’s normal to share our daily lives with us and there will always be those who do not like dogs. But as long as we have well-behaved dogs and show by example, we may slowly win others over. 🙂

Thank you Dogs Today for featuring us.

Love the photo by Ursula Roxy Aitchison.


  1. Sharon

    May, I hope it rubs off in Australia. We are certainly not as dog friendly here. I wanted to take a dog to Blue Lotus Water garden, they advised dogs were not allowed due to their insurance policy/premiums. It is dissapointing we are limited to where we can take our dogs here. I was pleasantly surprised when we visited Canada a couple of years ago, we stayed at Fairmont hotels, they were dog friendly, with a bed and bowl of water set up at reception in one place, and I noted a whole dog floor of rooms. Dogs were welcome into the bar at Whistler. I can only hope Australia will go the same way. We would find it tough booking into accomodation here with a dog. There are some pet friendly holiday homes that you can rent, however I am yet to come across a hotel/motel that would allow dogs. I don’t think our caravan parks are all that dog friendly either. Love reading your adventures.

  2. Sharon

    PS, Great photo

  3. Linda Simpson

    After reading your article, instead of putting Remi in the kennels we’re taking him with us. Fingers crossed

  4. Linda Simpson

    Just an update on our first hotel visit. We stayed at the Bull & Swan in Stamford, Lincolnshire. Dog friendly is an understatement, bed & bowls were provided, they even had a doggy room service menu. Remi was allowed in the restaurant & breakfast room & we were asked if he would like sausages for breakfast. Highly recommended.

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