Shopping on Old Bond Street

Why is this guy looking at me funny? 

Never seen a dog in a trench coat?

Mummy was making sure I was “presentable” when we went shopping along Old Bond Street.

We went into Fenwick’s – just to look-see – and I became the “look-see” –When a lot of the staff came up to say hello as I walked past them.They loved my coat! 🙂Ah yes, one of Mummy’s favourite – She found herself a little. bargain.We stopped for a cup of tea and some cake at Bond Street Kitchen on the second floor.And then we were off to do what we came to do … on Old Bond Street. shopping for me.Mummy had seen a Moncler vest when she was in Megeve and since Impostor was not quite ready to try on a vest for my size, Mummy had to come back to London to get it. Besides, they only had orange, and she didn’t think the colour would look good on me, she decided. I would look like one big orange fluff!

We first tried on the red. Red is my colour.  But is it too bright?Or should I have a sexy black to match Mummy’s – so we can be matchy-matchy.They insisted I should try their sweater.So what did we end up with?Will have to wait till we’re in Megeve next – when I will be wearing it!

May’s comment: Loved the vest. LOL! Will definitely keep her warm when we go for our walks in Megeve next winter! LOL!

Nothing like a little extravagance now and then for my poochie – a present from one of her many godparents.  What are godparents for if they don’t indulge? 🙂

And no they didn’t have anything in George’s size. Besides he doesn’t have a generous godparent. 😉

Fenwick Bond Street is another dog-friendly department store in London, as are most of the stores along Old Bond Street is dog-friendly.

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  1. Jill Keiser

    I think Darcy looks great in the black Moncler vest!

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