We’ll always have Paris

Yaena, Marley and I arrived in Paris later than planned.  After the excitement of seeing Mummy – we checked into our room at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for a little rest before heading out to dinner. See what they had laid out for us!I can add that place mat to my collection of monogrammed items from various hotels around the world! LOL!

We were all tired from our travels.  We trained in from St. Tropez and Mum came from London.  We decided not to go too far for dinner and headed down the road to Hotel Costes, one of Mummy’s favourite places to dine – Foie gras, s’il vous plait?So my lovely holiday with Marley has come to an end and we spent our last evening altogether with Yaena and Mummy in Paris.  After dinner, we walked down to The Louvre so we can have a little run around.

To take in the lights, the monuments  
We sat down for a moment in the courtyard of The Louvre to take in the music

Good night, Paris. Tomorrow, we go home to London.

Marley, we’ll always have Paris.

May’s comment: Spending an evening with Yaena, Marley and Darcy in Paris – what better setting for the end of an amazing holiday for Darcy and our rendezvous. The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Paris is dog friendly – allowed everywhere except for the formal dining restaurant and spa & fitness centre.

Hotel Costes is also dog friendly – we’ve stayed there a couple of times and always dined in their courtyard restaurant.


  1. Sara Cormack

    Very intimate bedroom shots Darcy, I am blushing?xx

  2. Laura Cordovano

    I love Hotel Costes but have only eaten there. What fun you guys had. Paris is in my bones these days so I enjoyed living vicariously through you. I know that besutiful evening walk well. ??⛲️????

  3. Frank Gee

    Wonderful. ❤️

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