Well done, George! You were A+

George travelled with us this last time.With the help of Belinda and Julie, Mummy felt it would be a lot easier to deal with George’s travel issues.

And brave George, he went with the flow.  He quickly climbed onto Julie’s lap on the taxi to Waterloo Station. He seemed relatively calm.He took everything in his strideAnd when we were in the ferry and met Oscar for the first time, it was a love affair.  Oscar was curious about George and was not intimidated by Oscar who was six times his size!Though wind-blown, George was not bothered.When we went walking to The Needles, we walked altogether along the coastal cliffs.And when we were asked to pose for a photo – with the Needles in the background, well George had other ideas.He preferred to be looking at the attraction rather than be the focus of attention.We just couldn’t get him to turn around! LOL!

Being the littlest he often became part of the props.And when the time came to meet up with 10 cockapoos, it did not faze him.As expected he did not run into the water though he came close. But he confidently ran amongst all the new cockapoos that he had met. As always, he chased away other breed dogs! He’s always the bouncer because he thinks he’s a cockapoo himself.

He made friends And won Daisy’s heart.George has girls swooning all over him at every port. 🙂 He has been aptly named.

And when it was time to go home, the big test came.  He’s ok in all other means of transportation but in the car, he pants with anxiety.

Belinda had an idea that we could put him in the Solvit dog car seat that’s fastened onto the seat. This way he was in a SleepyPod Clickit harness that is fastened also to the seat.  As Belinda drove, he started panting.  Half an hour later, we realised he had stopped panting.  He had in fact, laid down and slept during the drive on the motorway.
But when the car slowed down and in a start and stop mode, he woke up and was looking around, not panting but opening his mouth and closing it. And eventually panted again. Was it the motion? Belinda reached out to calm him and he basically stayed like that till we arrived. Could that be the issue – the start and stop of London traffic that bothered him and that long distance motorway driving lulled him to sleep? Or was it the car seat and harness that secured him and made him feel safer? Whatever, it was a big step.

May’s comment: So proud of George. He did really well on this trip. He took things in stride. He was not in the least bothered that he was the smallest and a non-doodle. He kept up with the others and he did not bother any of the pups. He and Darcy chased each other and did their usual play-fighting which sometimes worries onlookers but they’re the usual brother-sister thing.  Darcy loves to make him play and he likes  He also kept to himself on the beach and did not enter  the water. He did really well and so proud of him. And he won another friend – little Daisy loved George!


  1. Cheryl

    Way to go George! Good Job!

  2. Sian Widner

    I enjoyed this post so much!!! All the dogs look so happy! Little George made me laugh with his back to the camera!! Great pictures!

  3. Angie salmon

    Little George is totally adorabubble ??

  4. Andrea Marino

    Great job, George! You’re such a cutie!

  5. Valerie

    Good boy, George!

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