We’re going to Crufts!

I’m doing a merry jig because I am so excited! We’ve been invited to Crufts!

Yes, yes, yes – I am going!  Mummy and I are going as observers and bloggers – I told Mummy, it’s my blog! There’s no way she leaving me out of this. So she saw to it I was going along.

And on top of all that we’ve been given TEN one day passes to give away. So if you’re interested in getting a pair of tickets, send us your name and address in the Contact page. And if you came to this page from any of the forums or Facebook pages, please indicate which one.

We will make the draw on 9th February and will let you know if you have been a lucky winner.

And if you are not one of the lucky 10, here’s the link to buy tickets – http://www.crufts.org.uk/ticket-office

And would love to see you there.

May’s comment: We’re excited to be going. I’ve never heard of Crufts before I got Darcy. And this is the first year I thought of attending.

In doing some research, I found a few interesting things about Crufts.

It was named after its founder, Charles Cruft. Charles was then a general manager of a dog biscuit manufacturer. In 1886, Cruft had his first dog show called the “First Great Terrier Show”. It had 57 classes and 600 entries.

It then became “Cruft’s Greatest Dog Show”. In 1891, it was held at the Royal Agricultural Hall, Islington. All breeds were invited to compete, with around 2,000 dogs and almost 2,500 entries.

Bt the end of the 19th century, entries had risen to over 3,000!

The annual show continued to gain popularity each year until Charles’ death in 1938. His widow who ran the show after his death sold it to The Kennel Club to ensure it’s continuation and reputation.

The 1948 the show was held at Olympia in London.

To keep up with it’s growing capacity, in 1979, the show had to be moved to Earls Court exhibition centre. Soon, the show duration had to be increased to three days in 1982.  In 1987 it was increased to four days.

In 1991, it was the centenary celebration of Crufts. For the first time the show moved out of London since it’s inception. It was also officially recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest dog show.

I cannot even begin to imagine what the scale of the show!  It is estimated that an average 28,000 dogs take part in Crufts each year, with an estimated 160,000 human visitors attending the show.

So we could be very lost!



  1. Fiona Weller

    Hello, we would love to go also,
    Fiona Weller

    (Cockapoo owners )

  2. Karen Carter

    Hi May…Oh I would just love to be one of your lucky winners!!! I love reading about Miss Darcy’s adventures! My cockapoo ‘Molly’ is 18 months now and like you, I couldn’t imagine my life without her!!! I just love her so very much, she certainly has touched my life in a way I could never imagine.
    Just for security, I don’t really won’t to put my address down publicly, but if I am lucky enough to win, please could you email me and I will forward you our address. Thank you do much and I hope you and Miss Darcy have a lovely time.

  3. Karen Carter

    Oh nearly forgot……

  4. sue murray

    I wemt for the first time last year. It was fab! My Daisy is going to be so jealoud of you Miss Darcy 🙂 She would love the attention.
    Cockapoo Owners Club Uk and British Cockapoo Society

    • Miss Darcy

      From what we gathered, there are over 20,000 dogs – so we’re just one little speck in the universe of dogs! 🙂

  5. Sarah Jessinan

    Hello, would love to go to Crufts. Heard about the club through Hearing Dogs, I have a very nice and extremely helpful HD Kai.


  6. How lucky you are Darcy, we would love to win one of the passes x

  7. Saw your facebook post, and on your blog, would live to come to Crufts. I went for the first time last year, it was amazing.
    Owned by two Cockapoos, Alfie and Millie.

  8. Maggie

    Hi Miss Darcy, Maggie and me , of course! would love to go, if only just to meet you! but I am prob not allowed ….. So maybe Maggie will be lucky!, Ummmm I could pretend to be you with a blonde wig on????

  9. Marianne de la Roche

    Hi Darcy!

    Could you put my name in your doggy bowl please? Hopefully we will see you in the park soon and congratulations on the invitation.

  10. Maggie and Sealea Blue

    OOOps in my excitement, I forgot to tell it was me writing the above, Sealea Blue, the black cockerpoo!!

  11. Hi Darcy I would love to go (so would Harry!) Can you ask Mummy to put my name in the bowl? x

  12. Yvonne morgan

    I am a new Cockerpoo owner and I love the Facebook Cockerpoo site, I have been following your blogs for a couple of weeks now very clever..
    I would love a ticket for Crufts.
    Yvonne & Honey x

  13. sarah Burke

    you lucky thing Miss Darcy, my mum would love to go, Mr Ted woof woof

  14. Would love to win one of the passes 🙂

    You can PM me on facebook if I am lucky

    Cockapoo Owners Club UK

  15. Hi Darcy,
    Me and George would love to be entered into the doggy bowl for a chance to win 🙂

    See you on 16th Feb at Gaucho 🙂

    Ps- love your blog!

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Ella, yes of course. Just to confirm – no dogs allowed with these tickets.
      And will definitely see you on the 16th! Lots of fun!

  16. Carole

    Scully and I would love to win one of the tickets for Crufts, how exiting.

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Scully, your name is in the doggy bowl! Good luck! Just to be clear – no dogs allowed unless invited! x

  17. christine

    I would love to come too, thanks for thinking of us owners May

  18. Claire Tugwell

    We would love to be part of the lucky paw…I mean draw 🙂

    We are claire & Izzy (Spoodle)
    and we can be reached at Claire.tugwell@gmail.com


    • Miss Darcy

      Claire – you’re in the doggy bowl! Izzy won’t be allowed in, I’m afraid. Do you still want to leave your name in the bowl?

  19. Vaughan Dee

    I would love to go to Crufts – never had the chance to go before 🙂 Please enter me into your giveaway 🙂 I’ve sent you my details.

  20. Anya

    Oh me,,,,,,,,me……me…..pick meeeee…. I would love to spoil Bentley boo my cockerpoo a


    CCGB member

  21. Hi Miss Darcy
    I love following your antics on the blog and on the forum.
    I’ve never been to crafts so would love to take lots of photos and buy lots of goodies for Wiggins.
    Barbara x (AKA Missmuffet)

    • Miss Darcy

      Barbara your name is in the doggy bowl! One ticket? I have so many names now I am trying to just give what is necessary.

  22. Samantha Jane Smith

    Hi May
    Well done for being asked to do the blog, and I’m sure Darcy will have plenty to say. Jensen, Enzo and I would love to join you but I’ve told them it’ll just be me if I’m lucky. Jensen and I are making it our goal to get there ourselves on the agility ticket next year…wish us luck …we are going to need it!

    • Miss Darcy

      Samantha, I have no doubt Jensen will be the star of Scrufts next year – at the rate at which he’s going. I need to get back to agility but also at the same time petitioning to get agility in Hyde Park – with horses jumping, children playing, swans, ducks, geese, etc, etc swimming I don’t understand why dogs have no special place to go except they go all over the place, of course! Am I putting just your name in the doggy bowl?

  23. Elizabeth

    keep threatening to take my youngest dog, to show her what a bichon is supposed to look like (not muddy, knotted and bedraggled, and very noticeably white!) You can’t take your own dogs unless invited but I’d love to go and revel in a day dedicated to all things K9.

  24. Chris

    Hi. Please put me in your bowl. Me ‘n’ my sister would love to go. Thank you.

  25. Bethan

    Oh yes, please enter me! I’ve not been to Crufts before and would especially like to go since I’ve just started training a Hearing Dog puppy… I’m sure we’d pick up some great tips! I’ve entered my email address in the comment box so hopefully you have my details there if I’m lucky enough to win x

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