We’re home and ready for Dogstival

They journey home took forever.

An overnight flight to Paris, waited a couple of hours at Charles Gaulle before there was a train to Lille Europe to catch another train to Calais Frethun.

I was tired

Mum was laden down with a lot of luggage. She has never been so happy to see Abdul who drove us across the Eurotunnel and then all the way home.

We had such a fab time but it is always lovely to be home.

So much green and doggies off leash in the parks
Crossing the Battersea Bridge

When we got home there was a huge pile of mail – and one of them contained our tickets for Dogstival –

that will be taking place this coming weekend – 18th and 19th May!

Will you be going?

May’s comment: Nice to be home and looking forward to Dogstival on the 18th and 19th May in the New Forest.

Set in the beautiful surrounds of Pylewell Park Estate, Dogstival is a celebration of the joys dogs bring to our lives.

We will be there with Freddie and Belinda on the 18th – hope to run into you!

Join the pack, meet hundreds of other dogs and owners whilst watching world class dog displays – ShadowQuest, Paws For Thought and the Rockwood Display Teams. We’ll also have lurchers, terriers and hawks chasing, swooping wowing the crowds across Pylewell Park along with working dog displays across the weekend.

There’ll be hundreds of stands to eat, drink or shop at across the festival. We’ve also worked really hard to help showcase businesses locally or from based along the south coast.

We’ll also have more interactive displays where everyone can get involved and learn more about our four-legged friends, but more importantly have lots of fun. Why not seek out our own Dogstival cartoonist or the Dogstival Photobooth, where you can capture the day in your own unique way?


  1. Cheryl

    Glad you are home safe! Hope to see pictures of George soon. I hope his healing is going well!

  2. Liz Burman

    Good to know you’ve arrived home safely. Travel is great but I’m always glad to see my front door, and more importantly as we don’t travel with Elsie very often, the welcome behind the door is always wonderful. I too have missed George and am waiting to see how his leg is progressing.??

  3. Christine Ellis

    I love reading about your travels Miss Darcy and would love to take Suzie and Sidney on holiday with us.
    Could you ask Mummy to consider starting a blog with information about how to travel abroad with dogs with links to the companies she uses?

  4. Kye

    Looking forward to Dogstival with Titch & Humphrey …. we will look out for you ??

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