What a celebration!

The skies threatened showers but it didn’t. Mothering Sunday proposed a dilemma for some. Though the temperatures had plummeted ago winter cold – despite everything , soooo many doodles came to play. 39 to be exact.

Woohoo! Look how many there were!
This is Ruby!
Hello Ted!
Is that Truffle?
Lovely Tilly
Squirmy Poppi
Freddie, Krolle and Blue
Teddy checking out a pooch that looks like an apricot version of George.

This is one photo we always need to take – to measure Oscar and Poppi’s growth …

Seriously Oscar! You are almost as big as me! But Poppi – you are still teeny!

Dana from LapDogPhotography took lots of our photos and we can’t wait to see them all. But here’s one of me and Mum on this Mothering Sunday.

Mum wearing her Miss Darcy sweater by Joanna Osborn.

May’s comment: Massive turnout on Mothering Sunday.

And yes, I made a New Year’s resolution to not only remember all the pooches names but also the human names. Guess what? Resolutions are always broken. So I am not even going to attempt to figure out who’s who in this fab group photo taken by Dana.

Thanks to Waggle Pet Insurance for sponsoring our mini photo shoot on this Mothering Sunday meet. Thanks to LapdogPhotography for helping to make memories.

Our next meet will be on the 28th April. Same time, same place.

As announced at the meet – there will be another day set aside for an International Doodle Day meet on the 4th May. This is the third year, and was first organised by Ripley Rue in the States. Cities that have signed up for the International Doodle Day meet range from Moscow to Munich to New York and Los Angeles. We will be hosting the one in London and there will be others planned. If you want more information, get in touch and we can give you more information.


  1. Tracey & Sydney

    Looks like a fab meet up! Sorry to have missed you all this time.

  2. Jocelyn conway

    Sorry we weren’t able to make it lol Lucca

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