When in Tokyo …

Even though it was a month early, partly due to the unseasonably warm weather …

And we learnt that the kawazu sakura blooms earlier than the usual somei sakura. Mum found some kawazu sakura in Yoyogi Park – and so did a few other people. LOL!

Instagrammers! Woman standing on a step ladder behind IMPOSTOR!!! LOL!

Well, we’re bloggers.

Mum and IMPOSTOR had a list of places to see and things to do …

The first and most important item on the list was visiting the Hachiko statue at Shibuya Station.

Second stop – a dog cafe.

They sought out some of the pet accessories shops. Mum had to be specific because when she asked the hotel concierge – they pointed us to a pet shop that sold puppies. Well, Mum might have bought one home if she could. After all those tea cups would have been just what Mum needed to travel with.

There were a few but Tokyo is a huge city and we only managed just two of them and the third one had closed.

The first one we happened upon by accident after we had been to the Mame Shiba Inu Cafe.

Pets Paradise sells a lot of doggy coats for small dogs. Nothing there for us thought something looked temptingly good for George, but Mum remembered we were Marie Kondo-ing!

The next stop was The Tent –

and Mindy, the miniature Australian labradoodle in residence had a day off

so IMPOSTOR took it’s place on the pouf where she usually sits.

Mum bought us just ONE pack of treats – a Japanese treat … to be honest, she wasn’t sure what it is – just a part of a rooster.

They have a grooming parlour and this is Princess Elsa –

Yeah, Mum would have taken her home.

Mission completed on their 24-hour stopover, they went back to the hotel.

View from our room!

May’s comment: Well, this trip had reinvigorated my curiosity about Japan. Such a unique country/culture.

Crazy dog lady!

And I got to return to my favourite hotel in Tokyo and one of my top five in the world.

View from the room – on a clear day, Mount Fuji is visible.

The last time I stayed at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo was more than a decade ago and not much has changed. The interior designer in me had always loved their decor – the attention to details and it is elegantly timeless. The only thing that has changed is there is no longer fax machine in the room!!! The fax machine used to speak out pages and pages of faxes in the middle of the night – different time zones – but these days I am woken up by pinging notifications on my phone.

One of the things I wanted to do this trip was an exhibition at Team Lab Borderless but was advised against going into crowded trains and public spaces. So I guess that’s a reason to return – when all this Covid-19 is over and done with – and after the Olympics.

Now let’s hope, they let me back into the country.

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