It’s easy to think about those we love …

It was one of those days when we happened upon an unusual place. It wasn’t exactly a restaurant but a fitness type of place where we could sit and Mummy could have some healthy smoothie. Seems like quite a trend these days.

But it was actually the window that caught our attention. And of course it was another good photo-opp.  So Mummy sat me down in front of this and took a photo of me – thinking about all those people I love …

My dog-walkers who takes me out for long walks and to play with other dogs because Mummy’s too busy most days. Thank you Agnes, Olivia, Joanna, Ria.IMG_4580And when I don’t feel like walking I can always rely on you to carry me. 😉IMG_0408-2Rocko, my first love?  We never forget our first love and we think about them every now and then because it was special.  But although he’s my first love, Rocko’s not a “person” – I still love him though but not in the same way as before.IMG_4740See how we’re both in sync – our right paw out.

Can I think about my Teddy?IMG_4715Nope.  He’s just my favourite toy.

George?IMG_5071 It depends on how I feel on the day.  I do love him but I won’t let him know.

Ah yes, of course, my BFF, Little Tyke!IMG_4260I think about him a lot. He’ll be much taller again when I see him next, and he’ll have lots more questions about all sorts of things.  Most of all I wonder when he will be back to see me.  Sometimes it is not always easy to think about the ones we love.  It makes me sad – not knowing when I will see Little Tyke again.

And last but not least, you see that person in the reflection? The one that takes a lot of photos.  I think I must love her – lots. Because I sure miss her when she’s not around and when I see her again she makes my waggy tail go into overdrive! IMG_5073I love snuggling up by her head when we go to sleep. I follow her from room to room when we’re home. I may run very far when we go to the park but I will always run back to her. I think about her a lot whenever we’re not together and I go seeking her out in places we always go to.

Love you, Mummy.

May’s comment: Walking along Westbourne Grove, we saw this window. Of course we stopped to take a photo …IMG_5103How can we not?

And to find out what is Bodyism.IMG_5076“The Bodyism system is a blueprint for a long, lean, healthy body …”

In the spirit of Bodyism, we stopped to have a healthy smoothie.IMG_5070Bodysim is at 224 Westbourne Grove, London W11

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  1. Margaret Danks

    Such a lovely post May. Loving is such a bittersweet emotion. It can bring much happiness, but equally, it can bring great sadness. In the words of John Lennon…all we need is love❤️

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