Who gets the better house guest vote? Yes, another one!

You know Mister Charles, that little rascal who often comes to stay …

We don’t mind sharing our toys
IMG_8084Why does he have to take our favourites?
IMG_8065 And then he eats our food.IMG_9101And then steals our treatsIMG_1257He takes prime position on the bed …IMG_1214Georgie isn’t so happy with the situationIMG_1216He chooses to sleep on the floor instead.

And then Charlie gets to go places with Mummy because he can’t be completely trusted to be left at home – even with us.IMG_9088Along comes Madame Maddie, who is one of our neighbours and sometimes playdate for George.  She came and stayed with us last weekend. IMG_1039All she wants is food, food, food …
IMG_1073 When she doesn’t get any, she sits and sulksIMG_1064 And she continues to give Mummy that pleading lookIMG_1067She doesn’t take up space on our bed – she prefers to sleep on my blanket in the bedroom
IMG_1077Leaving us our space IMG_1075What do you think? Who do we want back?  Vote: M for Maddie and C for Charlie!

May’s comment: We love them both – such different personalities. IMG_1050



  1. Jill Keiser

    Aren’t you and George so lucky to have such fun stay-over friends!

  2. Charles LeDee

    Definitely Maddie. Now this vote may be a partial vote being that I have two precious Cavaliers myself. They too are alway hungrey.

  3. Daniel Hall

    Maddie.She is so cute. While her breed looks sleeepy, they can be very outgoing.

  4. Elizabeth Burman

    I’m going to vote for Charlie, he’s cheeky and I do love a dog with character, even if it’s a bit of a dubious characters!

  5. Margaret Danks

    It’s too close to call so I’m going for Chaddie lol

  6. Cheryl

    Definitely Maddie!

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