Why didn’t you bring Darcy and George? (By guest blogger Little Tyke)

Aunty May, Impostor is not Darcy, nor George.

You know IT can’t really swim. If I dropped IT into the water …
Like this …NO!!! Don’t do it!!!  – Mummy yelled out.

Ha! Ha! Just kidding.
But seriously, you know it’s impossible for the real Darcy to not be excited about food.Even Mini Tyke agreed that IT is no substitute for the real Darcy and George. Look at all those prawns – untouched!Darcy would have gobbled them up.

And unless IT is standing in some bushes, it looks like IT has grown grass at its paws.Aunty May, what we’re really saying is – we would really like IT if you can bring the real Darcy and George to see us at our home in Ko Samui.May’s comment:Why didn’t you bring Darcy and George?” was my greeting from Sasha when I arrived at the airport. Because, I told him, the flight is too long  and it’s too warm for them. “Really?”

Warms my heart that he thinks of them. But it will never happen – logistically getting them, maybe just George to the island. And he would never be allowed out running on his own – he’ll be house bound. And there’s the beach but he might run off – and there are a lot of strays – and they go in packs that might attack him. So many reasons not to – besides the long haul flight, etc, etc, etc … but so tempted to consider it … LOL!

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  1. Margaret Danks

    Little Tyke is getting so grown up.

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