“Will-miss-you” cuddles

Georgie and I had some quiet time late yesterday afternoon.

We have our brawls (usually over food) and we play hard, but of late we have also spent quiet times together.  But it was particularly poignant yesterday – maybe because he knows Mummy and I will be going away tonight – and sadly he’s not coming with us.

Last night, he got the cuddles with Mummy.

She kept looking at George when he opened his eyes looking at her wondering – what are you looking at?
May’s comment: This morning we awoke to those big eyes looking at me. IMG_3706The time leading up to travelling without one or both of them is always the saddest part of leaving.

I have to choose Darcy or George to leave behind because I can only fly with one in cabin.

Darcy is of course the more seasoned traveller but George would be a lot easier to handle.

At the same time, George is easier for someone else to take care of – and he has so many takers.  He’ll be staying with Kim and he will love playing with Bobby.

So the choice was quite obvious but wasn’t easy.

Still waiting for that Euromillion win or the man with the private jet to turn up.  Whichever or whoever comes first is fine with me. That way I will never have to worry about taking both doggies whenever and wherever I travel to.

I thought it was particularly sweet that their paws were touching each other as they stayed that way on my bed yesterday afternoon. It wasn’t bedtime. It was in the afternoon and they sat together like that. 
IMG_3926George only moved his head because I went in to take their photo.


  1. Rebecca

    Which airline allows you to take a dog in the cabin?
    I would love to travel more with my doggy 🙂

  2. Laura cordovano

    Virgin America is great with doggie travel. Much less restrictive than any of the other airlines. But they all have a maximum weight limit of 20lbs. And they have to fit under the seat on the regulation carrier. How does Darcy fit? My last flight I paid someone to take Emma as their dog. I was lucky that a friend’s son was on the same flight. Oh also super important…Virgin has No Limit to how many dogs are in the cabin per flight. Other airlines have a limit so sometimes you can’t get on with a dog…safe travels May!

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