You didn’t miss much, George

Georgie, let me tell you something. It may seem like it was such fun to travel with Mummy  as she took “The Entourage” through Amsterdam and Bruges, believe me, it wasn’t all that fun for me.

We were constantly travelling. We went in many taxis (lost count), a long ferry ride where I had to be in the kennel,You remember the ferry, George? You didn’t like it much. Though this time the kids and Mummy did come to visit And took me out on the deck for some reliefWe then went on an hour-long bus ride as the train ride to Schiedam wasn’t working. And multiple trains – sometimes four in a day. We boarded nine trains altogether:

  • Liverpool Street Station to Harwich
  • Schiedam to Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam to Brussels
  • Brussels to Brugge
  • Brugge to Kortrijk
  • Kortrijk to Lille Flanders
  • Lille Flanders to Calais
  • Calais to Folkestone (albeit in a car)
  • Folkestone to St Pancras London

We stayed in three different hotels.

The Pier at Harwich – We’ve stayed here together before. The have refurbished and things have changed since that last time. Dogs are now not allowed in the restaurant but they accommodated us in the bar – but I think it’s because they rather not have all the children in the restaurant. LOL!

The Pulitzer in Amsterdam was the toughest one for me though of course they could have eaten at the lobby restaurant and in the courtyard.Regardless, we loved the hotel.

The last stop being Brugge and they are incredibly dog-friendly there – still I was not allowed in the dining room.But they set up a table for us in the adjoining room, the Salon where we had breakfast and afternoon tea.

None of those places had big parks for me to run in. My exercise was limited to walking the streets.Besides that, I was man-handled a lot especially by this little Madame. Even her mummy had to protect me from her! LOL! I was her point of interest by default as the two boys were constantly playing together and she felt left out.

But she says the funniest things – like why I had pink under my ear!  She always wanted to hold my leash and sulked when she didn’t get to do so. I felt definitely needed.

But I was also closely held and observed by the other two as well.

For some reason they think I have rabbit feet! How on earth did they ever come to that conclusion?

I was hugged and loved a lot! But I made sure my BFF was safe when sleep fell upon us.In the end Mummy realised it was a good thing for me. I know you would have loved all the attention but I have never liked kids much, except for my BFF aka Little Tyke. She thinks all the attention I got from the children was good practice for me. In the past I had no patience for noisy children but because these three gave me so much love a.k.a. treats, attention, albeit rough, I have learnt that they meant no harm. And I have allowed them to be rough, they ruffled my head, came charging at me, screamed my name all the time and bothered me each time I was trying to sleep.  Sometimes a deep divide was welcomed and necessary.So, George it wasn’t all great. But then it is better to be with Mummy than not. For that, I am sorry you weren’t with us. But we sure thought about you.  Mummy thought about you even when she was at a museum and she thought about you when we were at Koko von Knedel. We didn’t find a pet shop in Bruges or there would have been another pressie.

George: Thank you, Darcy – for my pressies. I still would have liked to have been with you.  I was a little confused, hurt and annoyed when I found myself at our home and the both of you were not there. I waited and waited and you never came. But I am glad you’re back now.

May’s comment: It’s good to all be together again.

George is now a little confused who he should sleep with since Camilla has been taking care of him. On the first night, I thought I needed to bring him back into the fold. And its going to be me and him bonding time next week.


  1. Cheryl

    What an incredible trip!! I know I’ve said this before, but you could/need to write a travel book for people with dogs. Though it would be a great book for those without dogs!

  2. Eppie Dyann Giles

    A book would be cool.

  3. Nancy Koon

    A book would be fabulous! Pumpkin the Raccoon has one and it’s really cute. Also, a calendar would be terrific!!! See what Darcy and George think! (Maybe a calendar of the dog friendly restaurants in London? Or a book of them with lots of pictures????

  4. Nancy Koon

    “Dining with Darcy” ???

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