Zuhause in Düsseldorf !

Being in Düsseldorf is like coming home.

I’ve visited a couple of times and so has George – but this is the first time we’re here altogether.

When we finally arrived at Sylvia’s after getting off the plane – we both did our “happy dance” on her rug.

Just so happy to be in a home – with space to run around, stairs to climb and more than just one room!

And lots of cuddles from Sylvia and Markus – for George.

The next day, Mummy took us to walk along the Rhein – dogs are allowed off leash when we walk along the river banks.The main reason we’re here is because Mummy used to live in an apartment in Oberkassel – on the Rhein.This was her building.
She didn’t know then that dogs walked along the Rhein – but she didn’t have dogs then.How amazingly easy it would have been if she did have dogs then.  Love those plane trees.

We wandered around the neighbourhood and Mummy was delighted that her good standby Trinkhalle – for basics when the stores were closed.It hasn’t changed since she lived there more than 25 years ago!

And this was another place where she went to eat delicious pizzas.For lunch, Mummy and Sylvia went instead to Muggel –a local hangout for the neighbourhood and very, very dog friendly. There were many of us in there but one caught Mummy’s attention – a bigger version of me!Edda’s a golden doodle!!!Sylvia said she had met a few labradoodles in Düsseldorf but never a cockapoo!

Later that evening, Oscar, a Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen, or PBGV, came to visit – and both George and I became territorial – even though he had been to Sylvia’s house many more times than we have.

We followed him everywhere he went.Not letting him out of sight!But then we all went to dinner together at Primitivo.And it was then fine – neutral territory.

As from our previous experiences, Germany has always been very dog-friendly. Apparently, animal rights are taken very seriously!  It’s probably because they have such strict rules for dog-ownership that dogs are “vetted” and therefore “acceptable” amongst hoomans in most places. We can think of a few places here that dogs are not allowed.

We are liking Germany even more – Mummy said, maybe we should move back to Düsseldorf !  LOL!

At the end of our first day in Düsseldorf, I was just happy to lay down by the Christmas tree – for this will too soon be gone.May’s comment: Being in Düsseldorf  is almost like coming home.  I loved being able to share the memories with my pooches.

It was more than 25 years ago when I lived here for about two years. I always considered the time here as the beginning of my adventures even though I moved to New York City from Kuala Lumpur when I was 18. It was easier to integrate in New York City especially when you’re a student, but to land in Düsseldorf on your own, not speaking the language and turning up to work not knowing anyone – was a bit of a shock to the system.

But I grew from that experience and I have never looked back from there – Milan, Hong Kong, London, Paris and then back to New York before finally settling in London – my home.  At least for now. 🙂

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  1. Julie Entwistle

    I love Germany. I was born there and lived there until aged 17. I went back in August, landing in Dusseldorf, with my Mum and later met up with one of my daughters and my brother and his family. We holidayed on the Rhine and went to Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria, briefly stepping into Austria as it’s so close by. We then spent the second weekend in Lippstadt for a reunion. It’s the place we lived the longest, 10 1/2 years. People are really missing out, if they don’t ever go and see Germany.

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