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Sunday Mornings

On Sunday mornings in particular, Mummy loves to get outside early when it’s still quiet and feels like the world is still asleep.

IMG_3204We set out for my morning walk along Gilston Road – reading my p-mail.


We walk to the end of the road where it’s St. Mary’s Church. There’s a nice park there but no dogs are allowed inside.


Then we go to pick up the Sunday papers at the Fulham Road Newstand.  I have to wait outside as dogs are not allowed in.


Sometimes we meet other pooches who are doing the same rounds.



Then we cross the street to Gail’s – I sit outside while Mummy goes to get herself a cappuccino. On Sundays they open at 8am – so its a little later than the rest of the week.


IMG_2797When the weather is good, we sit outside and she reads the papers and I get bits of her croissant.  There are usually other dogs there.

A few days ago, Mummy was standing next to Hugh Grant who was ordering his coffee at Gail’s. She said he looks older and rather self-conscious – he knew Mummy recognised him.

So these days when Little Tyke is in town, we head over to theirs for brunch – as usual I look on longingly from the side of the table.


Hand me downs, please?