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  • first_dogs_01George Washington and the Americna Foxhoud - he is the father of American Foxhounds!
  • first_dogs_01aAbraham Lincoln's Fido (unknown ancestry)
  • first_dogs_02Warren G. Harding and Laddie Boy (Airedale Terrier)
  • first_dogs_03Calvin Coolidge and Rob Roy (while collie). He also had Prudence Prim - also a white collie
  • 170px-Herbert_Hoover_and_King_TutHerbert Hoover and King Tut (German Shepherd)
  • first_dogs_05Franklin D. Roosevelt and Fala (scottish terrier)
  • first_dogs_05aHarry S. Truman's Feller - who was known as the "unwanted dog" as he gave Feller away!
  • first_dogs_06JFK with Shannon, Clipper, Charlie and Wolf
  • first_dogs_07Lyndon B. Johnson and Yuki (mixed breed). He had many other dogs.
  • first_dogs_08Richard Nixon with Vicky (poodle) and Checkers (he died before they moved to the White House). Nixon later had Pasha (terrier) and King Timahoe (Irish Setter)
  • first_dogs_09Gerald Ford and Liberty (golden retriever)
  • first_dogs_10Ronald Reagan and Lucky (Bouvier des Flandeurs)
  • first_dogs_10aGeorge H.W. Bush and Millie (springer spaniel)
  • first_dogs_11Bill Clinton and Barney (chocolate labrador)
  • first_dogs_12George W. Bush and Barney (high profile Scottish Terrier)
  • 800px-Bo_and_ObamaBarack Obama and Bo (Portuguese water dog)

The President and His Best Friend

Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.  Mummy was too young to remember when it happened but she said she heard everyone talking about it.

Then we wondered if he had a dog and then found out –

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