And we’re sailing …

Here we go. Our journey went like this …

18.30 – Taxi to Liverpool Street StationAnd I was panting for all of England.

19.05 – Arrived at Liverpool Street Station with plenty of time to spare so it was a photo op!Just checking at the ticket office for a possibly earlier direct train to Harwich.But which side of the line am I suppose to wait?

But there was only one direct train at 19.32 and no platform announcement yet so we waited.And then they announced it was Platform 9!

We hurry on board – it’s Super Off Peak time so it wasn’t crowded at all. But you could tell who was going on the ferry. When they are Dutch speaking, the chances are that they are getting on the ferry. And there was a school group – making a lot of noise.

I was tired from that long cab ride – as you know my car anxiety wasn’t helping. And all those strange surfaces.It was almost 21.00 when we arrived in Harwich International. They had opened the boarding gates even though we were not sailing till 23.00.

We went through passport control for hoomans. No need for my passport going to Europe – they’re not so fussy. We picked up our boarding passes which are also key cards for Mummy’s cabin.  Upon arriving at the ferry, we were required to go to Guest Services to pick up the code for the kennel. It is the next part of this journey that I do not like when Mummy takes me down to the kennels.She settled me in – as best as she could. There were clean duvet for us and water bowls. I was not happy at all and Mummy knew because I wouldn’t even eat the treats she left for me.

And then she left me – alone.Well, not all alone.  There was a cocker spaniel. She looked frightened. Oh and a big fluffy Pomeranian. And a black lab.  It was an unusually quiet kennel. Everyone of us remained very calm – which wasn’t always the case on previous trips.

Mummy went to her cabin – she said she was knackered but I know she was watching me on the CCTV.After sorting herself out she came down at about 23.00 to take me out for a little walk on the deck designated for us to use. But the problem was that I am so well-trained that I cannot pee in anything that was remotely not the street. So that was pointless.  Once again, much to my dismay, Mummy returned me to the kennel. She said goodnight to every doggy and shut the door behind her. She did tell me that she will be back in the morning.

The ferry sailed very quietly and we hardly knew that it had left the port. I was waiting for Mummy to come back. I did finally settled down.  After a long, quiet night, Mummy came down to bring me breakfast! And we’re in Holland. Hoek van Holland to be exact.

At 8.00 Holland time, we began the procedure to  disembark and because Mummy has done this a few times before she now knows which way she needed to go.  And so we made our way down the stairs and waited for the ramp to join up the ferry to land.

Mummy was so proud of me and she thought she would just let me run along the ramp.

She was taking a video of me running and spinning when I stopped and let out the biggest wee! She gasped!  Oops! I’m sorry. I know, I know Darcy would never do this. Mummy was relieved that we were the first off the ferry and were way ahead of the other passengers – so no one saw me doing it – though of course I left my mark.

We went through Passport control and out of the station to an awaiting train.  We need to get to Schipol Airport for a 13.30 flight.

Now that we have done the taxi, train, ferry and train – we’ll tell you more about the next leg of our journey later. We need to go to bed.

May’s comment: We made it all the way to Amsterdam … and that was only half the journey.

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  1. Cheryl

    Wow, you’ve had quite the journey already and you’re not even in NYC yet. Take care and safe travels!

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