Somewhere over the rainbow …

It was an early morning rise especially on a Saturday …But we were off to Coventry for the day.

We didn’t bring George with us He was at home with Camilla because we were going to visit with Milo’s family. I wanted to pay my respects to my brother.I was a little pensive on our way there, thinking about how I will never see Milo again while on this earth.

When we got into the car, I wanted to sit with Paula to channel some love from Milo.

We went to their back garden and there in the far corner was the beginnings of a memorial garden for Milo.Milo was always there in that far corner, always looking for something.  And that’s where his memorial garden will be.

Hey, Milo. I’m here. Your sis.  I’m sorry I couldn’t be here for you when you were unwell. Are you up there? Running freely and happily – somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge?

Milo and I brought our hoomans together and I hope they will continue to stay in touch even though we won’t have playdates any more.

May’s comment: We will always share our love for our pooches.  Though Paula shared their news with us about Milo being ill and we worried together, we were so far away from them.

Milo was so missed –

It was a conundrum – Milo and Darcy shared a lot of traits and they do look a lot like each other.  Do we want to inflict more pain by reminding them of Milo? Or maybe we can remind them of all the joys that he brought to their lives.

Obviously much loved, Milo was central to their lives, and I see them as extended family because our dogs were related. 

To add to their six plus years of love and memories, we gave the family a portrait that beautifully captured Milo.  It looked like he’s looking towards the heavens and a light on his head.
Camilla who did George’s portrait, kindly obliged to do one of Milo so Paula and family can still see his beautiful face. Thank you, Camilla – this means a lot! xxx


  1. Cheryl

    What a sweet post! Milo, you will never be forgotten! May, your words and photos compliment each so well! Such a beautiful tribute to and for Milo!

  2. Rusty and Martine

    Awww very sweet and sad xx

  3. Cecilia

    So touching! Milo you will always be in the memory of those who loved you dearly!

  4. Margaret Danks

    Oh May, that really did make my cry! What a beautiful portrait and a very touching tribute to little Mlo. My heart is heavy because I know I have less years in front of me with Maggiedog than there is behind me. I dread the day, but we shall continue to live, love and play. ❤️🐾💔

  5. Alison Mullett

    My heart goes out to Milo’s family, as I cuddle my girl a little closer. What a lovely memorial garden and an amazing portrait. Milo’s memory will live on.

  6. Natasha

    This is so lovely. Thankyou so much. Milo will always be in our hearts xx

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