Summer Grooming

It’s already August. We’re hurtling through the year.

I’ve been looking rather shaggy of late,  Especially after getting caught in the rain, I go all wavy and curly! But that bow still remained in tact.And you know that Jaffa. She’s been swimming – in muddy ponds!!!So off we went, the grooming trio, i.e. George, Jaffa and me to Love My Human.

You know how Mummy says I am usually aloof and don’t show my emotions except greeting at the door when she comes home.  I have no problems being left at home but anywhere else, I become this pathetic crying baby!

Mummy wanted to try a new look on me because she couldn’t see my eyes and I always seem to look sad. You know my “signature fringe” – well, it wasn’t so much by design. That is how my hair falls. So when it starts to grow out, you can’t see my eyes.  Mummy asked Patsy to try trimming my fringe shorter.

And to also cut my muzzle shorter. When it grows long I look droopy! So we’re trying a new look.

A few hours later, voila! The after groom!Jaffa is ALWAYS cute– with her extra long eyelashes.

George is ALWAYS handsome – he got a much shorter cut today. And I ALWAYS now have a pink bow in my ear. 🙂My new signature look. 🙂

My shorter muzzle, shorter beard, shorter fringe – still long eyelashes– which will all grow out again.

May’s comment: Who knew this was going to be such a hot summer.  August grooming finally came along and we all went “short” – though it’s relative what short is.

Do we detect a smile?


  1. Laura

    They look wonderful! Darcy is so funny crying. Did I detect George running in circles when youcame up to the gate? My Jasper does that. ❤️

  2. Liz Burman

    Love the new look D’arcy you look very pretty.?

  3. Suzy Hudson

    Darcy – so cute, loving the new look!! My Mollee (who looks just like you) says Hi, and doesn’t know she’s going to get a big wash from mummy & daddy this weekend…???? She may copy your look when next at the groomers too…??

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Mollee! Enjoy your big wash – it really does feel better after it’s all over. ?


    All 3 look beautiful. ?❤️

  5. Kathy Shoulders

    They all three look adorable after the groom. I love Darcys new look! She looks so much more happy.

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