A Jewish Dog?!?!?!

Last night we read a funny book – How To Raise A Jewish Dog!  Yes, a Jewish Dog!

IMG_1535It’s a fictitious pet training program from the (made up) Rabbis of the Boca Raton Seminary – and the basis of their dog training – being neurotic!!!  And guilt!

Yes, sometimes Mummy does give me the guilt trip when I’ve done something I shouldn’t do.

Mummy realised that the years she had spent with her New York “Jewish family” had rubbed off on her!

May’s comment:  How To Raise A Jewish Dog – as told by Ellis Weiner and Barbara Davilman. It’s a spoof on dog training but hilariously funny when you can identify with the Jewish passive-aggressive guilt trips and the smothering that Jewish parents, especially mothers often indulge in raising their children – is now applied to dogs. Can totally relate to some of the antics! 🙂 Poor Darcy!



  1. Mummy and daddy thought this such a funny book! We are Jewish, so I guess I am a Jewish dog!

    • Miss Darcy

      Yes, Rusty – I think you are! x Me, not so much but Mummy has been well inducted into Jewish ways!

  2. Judith Vogel

    Gevalt! Dear Darcy Jewish Schmooish,
    The matzo balls are delicious!
    Enjoy. Remember no circumcision for
    Love from me and licks from Bennie

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