A Thai dog called Soda

The last time Mummy was in Ko Samui, Thailand, she met a little dog on a construction site called Soda. We can’t figure out what cross she is – Pug? Maltese? ???

Apparently there are a lot of stray dogs on the island and they are almost all crossed breeds.

She’s only about a year old but in her short life she had been run over by a car and has a broken leg.  And then recently was attacked by bigger dogs – she had a raw patch on her back.  Very upsetting to hear.


Mummy brought Soda some chicken and rice from her dinner.  And this little pooch was even picky – she ate all the chicken but didn’t touch the rice! Maybe she gets rice regularly so the chicken was a treat.  This time Mummy brought some treats all the way from England.

May’s comment: I thought of bringing Darcy to Thailand with me but now I know I won’t. Not only will the weather be prohibitively hot for her long hair, but the stray dogs will definitely have a go at her.  She will in no time be attacked unless I keep her in the house, switch on the air condition and she can never walk off lead.

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