A little reprieve

After a busy day of train journeys, car rides, chasing balls and lunch at The Olive Branch, we finally made our way to Washingborough Hall, our hotel in Lincoln City – for some relaxing time.

We had been spending the day with Lola and Sam and they drove us there.We had a quick walk in the garden for some relief.
Before heading inside for some Afternoon Tea and some more play time in the room.

Poor Lola wasn’t quite sure what was going on in her world. There was suddenly two dogs who invaded her home. And then to be “terrorised” by George.To be fair, George wanted to play but Lola was so unsure of the rambunctious little black dog. And she was right because George thought humping was playing. That Casanova!

By day’s end, Lola was begging Sam –Please take me home! Get me away from that crazy George. I need my quiet world back.

And we finally said goodbye to Lola and Sam – we had a wonderful day and now for some rest before heading back to London the next day.

May’s comment: Lucy from Washingborough Hall Hotel invited us to stay. We have never been to Lincoln City and thought while we were in Lincolnshire, we would go and check out a dog-friendly hotel.

They made such an effort for us with dogs. While they could not be in the restaurant, we could dine in the bar area where they had set up a table.And while we ate, they also served Darcy, George and Lola their supper. I had requested minced meat and carrots. There are currently three rooms allocated to dogs and we were shown the three new dog-friendly rooms they have recently added. They each lead out to fenced-in outdoor space – which was convenient.Washingborough Hall is mostly a wedding venue, also for private events but very convenient for anyone attending these occasions to bring their dogs along. When we were there, there was also a black Labrador. We stayed away from each other but we both dined in the bar area.

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  1. Sam Rowntree

    I did like the idea of playing – I just got a bit unsure I guess. I do think George is cute and friendly, but I wasn’t too sure about his way of ‘playing’ LOL!!! Anyway, I did really love that Darcy came and sat in front of me to ‘protect’ me from her brother!!! Us cockapoos need to show solidarity!!!!!!! See you soon. Lola xxx ??????

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