A Love Memorial

Yesterday was carnival in Notting Hill.  We didn’t venture anywhere near there though we did go to Hyde Park.

One of the most distinctive sights in the park is the Prince Albert Memorial. We often walk past it.  Mummy told me it was commissioned by Queen Victoria in memory of her beloved husband, Prince Albert who died when he was only 42.  She calls this a love memorial. Nice. 🙂

Mummy’s been looking at customised pet sculptures – she wants a sculpture of me done.  But not monumental like Prince Albert’s Memorial.  Just a little one for her shelf.  And not a memorial either – if I may add!  It’s just that she saw that Pippa’s Mummy had a really lovely one of her old dogs and it gave Mummy the idea.

May’s comment: Always a sight to behold.  And yes, been doing some research on customised dog sculptures – mainly in the U.S. Does anyone know a good one?

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