A Missing Brown Cockapoo (2 years)

We learnt about a missing brown cockapoo.  He is believed to have been stolen around 19th April 2013, from the owner’s home in the Farnworth area of Bolton.
He would be around 2 years old now but was only around 14 months when he went missing.

So if anyone you know or if you have obtained an older brown Cockapoo in the past nine months – please get in touch because he could be Otis.
He had a collar on but no ID tag.  He is microchipped.
He’s registered on DogLost and with all the local animal wardens and the police.

There is a reward offered for information leading to a safe return.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  If you know anything, please get in touch. The owners can be found on Pre-Loved Pets advertising.

May’s comment: It is unbelievable that this happens. Cockapoos are very much the dog of the moment. I am always wary when strangers ask me how much I paid for Darcy – making it very obvious that these are targets for kidnapping. I never knew about dog thefts till I was warned one time when I had tied Darcy to a post outside a shop. Be very careful.

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