A mystery trip …

Where are we going today? 

An early morning rise, into a taxi, picked up Barnaby and Julie along the way on King’s Road …So exciting – we’re off on an adventure!The mystery is slowly unfolding … The taxi took us to Waterloo Station.We definitely hit the morning commute! We weren’t rushing off to work so we stopped for breakfast at Carluccio’sAnd then our hoomans said – it was time to get onto Platform 11. We looked at the Departure Board and saw that we were heading to Southampton!!!

We got off at the station but then we needed to get on a bus to the Quay.Whoa! Looks like we’re boarding the Red Funnel Ferries

George, we’re going to the Isle of Wight!!!! Woohoo! We know a couple of cockapoos who live there – Paddington and Winnie! I think we might be having a doodle rendezvous.

We made our way to the Pet Friendly Lounge There were lots of other doggies all going to the Isle of Wight.

And then there was a Barnaby lookalike! Well, hello Oscar Poo! We’ve seen you a lot on Instagram! And George and Oscar took a liking to each other! Oscar, you’re coming with us too? The more the merrier.

Oscar’s mum drove so we all jumped into the car and headed for The Needles – a famous landmark in the Isle of Wight.

And when we got there, guess who else joined us? Freddie!

We are the Five who goes to Isle of Wight!

Read more about our adventures tomorrow!

May’s comment:  Since having Darcy, entering into the dog world, we’ve met cockapoos from different parts of the country. Many were from our blog and Facebook, but recently we’ve met a few from Instagram – two from that far away place called Isle of Wight!  Well, I’ve never been to the Isle of Wight – and thought this would be a great opportunity to visit and have a cockapoo meet-up!

For our non-UK readers: the Isle of Wight is an island off the south coast of England. It is the largest of all the coastal islands of the UK.

Given it’s position meant this island played an important part in the defence of the ports of Southampton and Portsmouth.  It was also in the front-line of conflicts including the Spanish Armada and the Battle of Britain.

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  1. Liz Burman

    You certainly have some wonderful adventures Miss D!

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