Luxembourg by night

By the time we arrived at our hotel in Place d’Armes, night was almost upon us.img_7748 This must be a dog-friendly place! ūüôā A bull dog awaits my arrival.img_7693 We went to our room for some reprieve and for Mummy to catch up on her mail, etc. before we set out on a walk to a place recommended for dinner.img_7697 It wasn’t quite full moon yet but the half moon lit up the night sky as we walked along the quiet streets.img_7699 Oh! Hello! And who might you be?img_7700 We kept walking and Mummy thought it didn’t seem quite right. So she stopped and ask the few people who were out and about. And of course we were heading in the wrong direction.

We were heading towards the Grund rather than towards Clausen where the restaurant was. They suggested we follow them to take the elevator down to the lower part of the city.img_7702 To walk through this tunnel¬†img_7704 Cross a small bridgeimg_7708Oh how pretty!img_7707And turn left and follow the road, bearing right. ¬†We did as we were told when we walked past some very old walls.img_7725 When suddenly Mummy caught sight of this view! ¬†img_7712Quite by accident, we saw the Bock Casemates. ¬†A¬†UNESCO World Heritage site since 1944 – the Casemates’ immense underground military defence system was erected in the 10th century by Count Sigefroy. ¬†But it had changed hands¬†over the centuries and had become further fortified by the Italian, Spanish, Belgian, French, Austrian, Dutch and Prussian. ¬†It¬†was considered to be one of the most envied fortresses in Europe. But today, following the neutralisation of¬†Luxembourg, only 17 km of the fortress remains. Well, that was a bit of history we had not expected but Mummy was very conscious of the fact that we were already late for our dinner appointment. ¬†We couldn’t have gone in to see it anyway so catching sight of it was quite rewarding.

After walking further up hill and asking yet another “local” we realised we had to walk further along and then cross another bridge and a walk uphill. We were by then half an hour late and Mummy was hungry. We jumped into a taxi – and this one didn’t grumble at me – so maybe those two cab drivers at the railway station were an exception.

Ahhh, the welcome sight!
img_7713 To make up for all that walking Mummy decided totter herself –img_7715Foie gras, sil vous plait! ¬†Oh, Mummy, when did you say you were going on a diet?img_7716But I completely understand … and I can smell it from under the table, so I popped up to say hello.img_7718And she only shared the tiniest of molecules of the foie gras with me.

After “refuelling” Mummy was determined to find that “8-minute” walk back to the hotel.
We walked under a bridge and crossed the castle bridge on the left as were told to do. And we caught sight of this very old tower.
img_7728We didn’t have anyone to ask what it was but it looked beautiful all lit up in the night. ¬†What we had not realised was that we were right by the Bock Promontory, the cradle of the city. ¬†On this rocky ledge, Siegfried, Count of Ardenne, set up his castle. ¬†Just below us were that Bock Casemates!

We continued walking on the left side of the street heading back to the Inner City.  When we looked over the wall, we saw a breathtaking view of the Alzette Valley.
img_7738 And the arches of the¬†Castle Bridge.img_7741As we were told to keep going straight, we missed out on walking the “Corniche” (Chemin de la Corniche). ¬†Right after that, we were back at the periphery if the Inner City’s pedestrian streets.
img_7742 And here we are back at Place d’Armesimg_7746In front of the Circle Cite.

And back at our hotel.img_7747That was a bit of a night adventure. I suppose it was good to get lost a little so we saw some of the sights as we have to leave the next day – not as early as some of the other days but not late enough to take in any ore sights.

But later, when we had a chance to look at the map, we realised that the helpful “locals” really didn’t know their way. They took us further along when we could easily have turned left and found our way across the Castle Bridge and where the restaurant was.

May’s comment:¬†The bar, brasserie and restaurant at Hotel¬†Le¬†Place d’Armes are all dog-friendly but since we were in Luxembourg for all of 17 hours, we thought it would be better to take a walk around the “country.” ¬†And as we did, I realised that I have not been to Luxembourg before. I have mistaken Lichtenstein for Luxembourg! LOL! ¬†Think I should go back and look at my scrapbooks before I discard them all!img_7720Um Plateau was recommended by Myriam whom we met on the train – it was a good suggestion. Good food, and far enough for us to have a meaningful walk.

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  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Luxembourg looks a beautiful and interesting place. Shame you can’t stay a little longer, but you must be anxious to get home to Georgie. I’m amazed that your ribbon is still in situ, Miss D. Whenever, Elsie’s groomer puts them in her hair they’re out within about half an hour of getting home!

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