A Tykie Walk

Soon after we got home, we went out again … with Little Tyke.


It was a discovery walk.


We found mushrooms, … and more mushrooms …

IMG_4021  We brought apples for the horses …

IMG_4026 IMG_4038

They pretended to climb over stiles (LOL!)


And there were more mushrooms and a slug!


And look – I found a way to carry a thorny dog rose twig (eglantine) … with my tail!


I did manage to get rid of this myself though Mummy thought it reminded her of how Geisha’s put chopsticks in their hair,

May’s comment: The best thing when walking with Darcy anywhere is doing something I normally would not choose to do and therefore see things that I normally wouldn’t. Walking with Sasha is a whole different level of observation, First, he sees things at a different level and he sees things for the first time and everything is worth the while.  So when walking with them in a new place is full of “look at that!” or “what’s this, Aunty May?”  Love it!

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