A very civilised afternoon …

After a slow train journey back to London, we arrived back to Kings Cross Station. Instead of rushing to join the taxi queue, we wandered over to the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel – for Afternoon Tea.Afternoon Tea was served in the Hansom Lounge where we had breakfast a few days ago before we embarked on our trip to West Yorkshire.  Yes, we sat and waited with great anticipation to see their version of Afternoon Tea. Yes, the tea gets poured first. George, watching intently … While I tried to get a peek at the array of sandwiches. Anything for us? Mummy drinking her usual Earl Grey while I observed the sandwiches.As George continued to sit and watch the trays being presented.Any more hand-me-downs if I gave you the doe-eyed look?

May’s comment:

Darcy is usually the better behaved of the two. But when it comes to sitting still in restaurants, the spaniel in Darcy just can’t help herself. She loses all her aloofness and behaves like a starving dog!George, he sits and waits. Does not beg and does not make a scene. Well, he has been infamously known to have stolen a whole piece of steak off someone’s plate at a restaurant! Thankfully it was with a crowd of dog-lovers and he was forgiven. And I was embarrassed. And come to think of it, I should have paid for that steak.

Afternoon Tea is served at the Hansom Lounge at St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London, Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London NW1 2AR. Dogs are welcome at the lounge and it is a pet-friendly hotel.


  1. Cheryl

    Oh George, you lovable little stinker! Thank goodness you were with dog lovers!
    St. Pancras is gorgeous!

  2. Yuval

    Just moved recently to London and waiting for my wife’s arrival with our poodle Leo.
    Thanks for the great tips on pet friendly places. Leo will be so happy

    • Miss Darcy

      Fab! Come and join us at our Doodle Meets in Kensington Gardens. We are all poodle crosses! Plus plus! 🙂

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