A walk along the Jurassic coast

Day 2 at Burton Bradstock and we were raring to go!IMG_3795And I think a little brave of the hoomans to bring along Mini Tyke, just three, on the walk.IMG_3828It’s not like they are experienced walkers but city folks!  Mummy remembers well the time we were lost in the Yorkshire Dales but she was promised that this is really a straightforward walk – no following a stream that seems to end and miles and miles of stone walls but no directional signs.

This time it is the big wide sea to our left.  So off we went …IMG_3796 Little Tyke got into a grump early on and he was lagging behindIMG_3798 So I had to pull him along.IMG_3800 Oh, soon we found out it wasn’t just walking through fieldsIMG_3801 Before you know it we were going down steep slopesIMG_3892 and equally steep steps going upIMG_3807 And we even went down all the way to the beach at one point IMG_3809 and found little fishes washed up ashoreIMG_3902Hmmm, they smell fishy delish!IMG_3803 Kai picked some of them up – for supper, he said.IMG_3806Think NOT! shouted his mother. LOL!

Finally! Finally! Two hours later, we arrived at West Bay!  IMG_3900But not before going down a very steep cliffside!
IMG_3814 We found the Beach Cafe and the hoomans all had something to eatIMG_3833 The adults had vino!IMG_3832And the children had ice cream!IMG_3816And guess which one I liked better?IMG_3821And as they sat eating in the glorious English summer sun, they looked back at where they had come down and thought – WOW!IMG_3820That was a pretty steep slope for the city hoomans big and small to have come down!

May’s comment: What a lovely walk! And we made it without getting lost – and I was the troop leader! We were lucky with the weather – beautiful English summer – sun was out but not too hot.  As for Darcy, she was on a lead the whole time, just didn’t want an incident to happen. She was brilliant! She walked by my side, watching me as I gingerly made my way down steep slopes and waited as I climbed the steps. Don’t think it would have been easy if I had them both.


  1. Margaret Danks

    …and did you all walk back May? We were there only a couple of weeks ago.

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