After the rain …

It rained and it rained all Sunday … till finally it stopped.

So off we went to the Chiswick House Dog Show. Guess who we saw there?Theo and Winston!

Despite the horrific weather earlier in the day, there were seriously a lot of dogs at the show! Some got dressed up for the theme of show – Circus! We dogs are ever so patient and long suffering of our hoomans. Seriously! There were lots of shopping and fun things to do – we tried Flyball!

Woohoo!!! But we didn’t think George would do it so he got to stay with Theo and Winston.And he wasn’t pleased.

We love Chiswick House and Garden –Here we are posing as Lord and Lady of the ManorLike my black paws?The gardens are also lovelyHow do I get access to the Manor House?Climb the balcony?

May’s comment: After a very wet and cold morning, we managed to get to the Chiswick House Dog Show and met up with some friends. And I finally got to go to the Chiswick Dog Show after years of it coinciding with our monthly Hyde Park meets. 

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  1. Liz Burman

    Wonderful to see Winston thriving.?

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