Signor Lucio – il mio amico!

We went to Agility’s again today despite it being the hottest day of the year!  But we worked mainly in the shade.  I did all sorts of jumps … turning right, left and doing the number 8.

Then we ran through this weird tunnel with fabric on one end which meant I had to find burrow my way through it.  As long as there’s a treat at the end of it, I’m fine. Just weird!

IMG_1630Me coming out at the other end with Sue White holding the tunnel!

On the way home, after a car ride, train and two tubes, you know, the long haul – we walked back home from South Kensington station because there wasn’t a bus for another 6 mins. (Mummy was a bit impatient or maybe she didn’t want to run into another you-know-it all busybody!)

As we passed by Lucio – our recent favourite Italian restaurant, Mr. Lucio himself saw us plodding along Fulham Road. He came out to say hello and saw that I was very hot so he invited us in and gave me a drink of water.  What a nice neighbourly thing to do!  We already love our Italian friends – now even more!

May’s comment: We’ve only met Lucio once before and he remembered us. He came out of the restaurant to say hello and offered Darcy a drink. The food there is very good basic Italian fare – elements of old and new, charming staff and a delightful owner.  Every time I’ve been there with Darcy, they are so welcoming. For that reason, I would always go there. Lucio is at 257 Fulham Road in Chelsea.

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