Agility Class 101

Here I am at Whirlwind Agility – learning to jump, run through tunnels and get lots of treats!

Today is my second class, but before the class began, we tried out some of the equipment. Here Mummy got me to jump before she was taught how to do it.  As usual she was trying to get me ahead of the class. As for me, I would do anything for sausages!


Hey! I’m sitting on the bar!!! Maybe I’m better at gymnastics.

Sue White is our teacher. Today she had us running through tunnels and out the other side – the only reason for doing so is there’s more sausages at the other end.  Otherwise I don’t get it.  Sometimes I turn back out and follow the sausage outside to the other end – why go through the tunnel?!?! But apparently that’s what they want us to do.

The last trick we did was run out of the tunnel and them we jumped over hurdles – three in a row – our noses following the sausage all the way.  And lots of shouts of “good girl!”

Then we had to sit on some strange surface, lie down on another, walked through a hoop, etc, etc. Boy! It was weird – but Sue said something like we are learning to be aware of our legs. Hmmm.

May’s comment: Great way to channel her energy and intelligence. Whirlwind Agility at Stokes Poges in Gerrards Cross is the closest agility training I could find near London. A long trip for us but once out there, it’s a real blast! Maybe it’s time to set up one in London!

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