Ain’t no Marley

We’re sitting down to watch Marley and Me after a much needed cool down bath. It was a hot day and we had been on a long walk in Battersea Park with Jane, Zara and Rocko. (P.s. I was aloof with Rocko at first – didn’t want him to think I am ok with what he had done.)


Apparently, I’m not like Marley at all. Aside from the 4 leads and the heel of a Ugg I have never destroyed anything.  But even as crazy as Marley was, his daddy said – “How many people can make you feel extraordinary?”  We dogs just know how to do it.

At the end, Marley dies. Boo hoo! And that’s when I get a good hug from Mummy.


May’s comment: This is the first time I’ve watched it with Miss D.  Of course the thought crosses my mind but until then I shall not dwell on it.  She’s been an amazingly good dog despite her chewing up four leashes. She may jump up at people she doesn’t like which is seldom and she barks at big black dogs out of fear or annoyance because she was once attacked by a Shepherd. And she pulls excitedly when she knows she’s walking towards the park and especially when she’s with another dog – she needs to be ahead of the pack.  But all these are things that will eventually go with age and then maybe not – but I will live with them and continue to instill in her that she must not. I can only do my best to make her behave in a socially accepted manner.  Aside from those “faults” what can I say – she steals people’s hearts, she’s sweet, she’s opinionated, she’s very clever and she’s a loyal friend, a good companion and she opened my heart. I can’t believe she is already 2 1/2 – times flies, so onward to enjoying every minute I have with her.



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  1. maggie

    I know exactly how you feel. Where does the time go?? We love these pooches so much …. they really do steal your heart! Just live for the moment- don’t think any further! xx

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