All the leaves are brown

And I am camouflaged! Better to hunt squirrels with!img_0485 It was a beautiful Autumnal Day in London and we went for a walk in Kensington Gardensimg_0476 All the big dogs were out too, doing their thingimg_0477 The ground was covered with autumn leavesimg_0498 The trees are bareimg_0499 EXCELLENT for squirrelling!img_0497 They won’t be able to spot me easilyimg_0493 Aha! There’s one!img_0510 So I stare at it and inch my way towards it.img_0512 Closer, closer …img_0515 And this time, I came close!

That’s because I am camouflaged and those silly squirrels could not see me coming!

After chasing a few squirrels Mummy said it was time to have lunch. Lunch? But my lunch is right here in the park!  OK, guess we have to go feed Mummy.

We walked to Thackeray Street – not far from the park to a little Italian cafe – Ottoemezzo.img_0467 It’s a cosy little place that’s brightly painted.img_0460 Mummy said the food is authentic but I wouldn’t know as I didn’t get any.

Mummy had asked next door at their proper restaurant Locanda Ottoemezzo and very unlike most Italians, they said, “We do not allow dogs.”  Why? Mummy asked. “Because …” and they did the Italian shrug. Just because they don’t. Very disappointing but for a little Italian after a walk, the Cafe was fine.

But just a few doors down is a bit of Paris at the Montparnasse Cafe.img_0468And here, they welcomed us.img_0469Waiting for some crumbs from Mummy’s dessert to come my way.img_0472

May’s comment: Too more dog-friendly places in Kensington – just off the High Street tucked away in the back of Whole Foods. img_0474Montparnasse is a quaint French patisserie tucked behind the high street. Once inside you may believe you are in Paris.  Located at 22 Thackeray St, Kensington, London W8 5ET

Ottoemezzo Cafe opened in 1995, serving delicious focaccia sandwiches and fantastic cappuccinos. An all day cafe, it has since has evolved to offer a full range of Italian dishes including pizzas.  Located at 2-4 Thackeray St, Kensington, London W8 5ET


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Well that was a fine bit of stalking Miss D! Nearly caught him that!!!

  2. Margaret Danks

    No squirreling for Georgie? Is he still on the naughty lead?

    • Miss Darcy

      Yup!!! Naughty lead for awhile. Unless I have a whole day with nothing better to do than to wait for him to tire he is not off lead.

  3. Christine

    Loved the stalking video, if Darcey ever caught one I wonder what she would do?

    • Miss Darcy

      Not what she would do. Rather what I would do. I bet though she would be so shocked she wouldn’t know what to do with it!

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