An Eyesore!

I had to go to the vet again today – here I am feeling a little sorry for myself.  Head on Mummy’s lap as we wait our turn.

IMG_1112I woke up with a red-eye and goop all over the left side of my face.  As Mummy suspected, it was conjunctivitis –  it has happened before. So off to the vet –

IMG_1117 They put some drops in my eye to check that the tear duct was not blocked – and they used this frightening machine to look at me!IMG_1114 Then Dr. White cleaned the area around my eyes – all that goop!IMG_1120 But there was so much that he had to cut off some of my fringe!!!IMG_1125 Isn’t it time for treats? See, I am standing on the scale – isn’t that what you want me to do?


How much do I weigh? Over 10kg – 10.25! Oh no! I guess we’re going on a no-treat diet again! Bummer! Why did I stand on the scale?!?!?!?

May’s comment: Here’s Darcy’s First Aid collection  from the years – something for the butt, something for the eye, something for the nose!



  1. Nicola

    Poor Miss Darcy! Molly is in season at the moment and feeling a bit perculiar. At what age did Miss Darcy have her big op? Molly will go off to the vet once she is back to her usual self. Hope Darcy feels better soon.

  2. Jocelyn

    Wish u better Darcy lol Lucca X

  3. Liz

    Get well soon sweetie xxx

  4. Lisa

    Wish you better Darcy, we need you to be all better for our Valentines lunch !!
    Lots of Licks , Lola xx

  5. Tracey

    Poor miss darcy, my friends little Cockapoo has just been to the vets with a bad eye too, but it was a “,cherry” eye, I thought that is what’s miss darcy was going to have when I opened the blog.
    Hope she’s better soon and your pillow wasn’t too messy may! X

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Tracey, what’s a “cherry” eye? No thankfully for some reason, all the goop was on her face and not on the pillow where she usually starts off with but ends up all over the bed through the night. x

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