An Isle of Wight Instagram Cockapoo Meet-up

Ten cockapoos from the Isle of Wight, London and Bristol including Le Mutt aka George met up in the Isle of Wight for a doodle meet!

We had to take this group photo before we went down to the beach at Yaverland
Back row: L to R: Mabel, Hatty, Oscar, Pandora, George, Me, Paddington, Winnie

Front row: Freddie, Barnaby – and Baxter’s paw – he didn’t want to be in the photo

That was the last time we were all “dry” … before we all ran into the water!

Happy pooches – led by Paddington!

Look – even George joined in the action – chasing me! Lots of photo taking!Result:Can you tell these are the London dogs? Almost completely dry …But I did get into the water! 

While the others got very wet.

Yaverland beach is a dog friendly beach year round! 

Now see us all run!Here we come!

We attempted another group photo – some looking more like wet rats than others! LOL!All too soon it was time to leave …Dogs back on the leashes …

And just a bit of music to finish off – some island music …

We wish we could stay all day to play. It really was the best day ever – meeting even more Instagram friends on our adventures.

May’s comment: What a fabulous day we all had! One last photo before we bid adieu!L to R: Belinda with Freddie, Emma, Daisy and Poppy with Paddington & Winnie, Me with George & Darcy, Lily with Barnaby, Karen with Pandora, Julie, Jo with Mabel, Megs with Hatty, Laura with Baxter, Nathalie with Oscar

Six cockapoos from the Isle of Wight met four cockapoos and George (an honorary poo) from London and Bristol yesterday on Yaverland Beach.

I can truly say that we met all these poos and their owners on Instagram!  Over the past year, we followed each other’s stories and postings, and got to know each other.  Coupled with wanting to explore more new places, it just seemed such a great idea to visit the Isle of Wight. And what a happy group we all were.  It was so much fun!

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