And the Best in Show is …

Congratulations to Knopa, the Scottish Terrier …  Zzzzzzzz.

We made it home in time to watch the Crufts Best in Show winner on telly but we were knackered and fell asleep in front of the telly.

We slept all the way home on the train and couldn’t wait to get home for supper.

Tomorrow, can we go to the park Mummy?

Interesting fact – the last time a Scottish Terrier won at Crufts was 1929. We must congratulate our neighbour McDougal that his breed won Best in Show and will ask him how his owner carries him.

May’s comment: Two very long days, two very tired dogs.

IMG_7314They were both brilliant. It was Darcy’s second year and George’s first.

Two very busy days where they were constantly on the  move, walking between thousands of legs, up and down stairs, required to sit still at times – and so many new smells.  They had to work for their treats – no freebies!IMG_7296We met lots of people, many stopped to ask what breed they were – they were held and patted and had their photos taken – they took it all in good stride. So proud of them.

Till next year.

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