• IMG_1715Hooray! Post group photo!
  • IMG_1626
  • IMG_1616Coco meets Crumpet
  • IMG_1632Coco, Millie and George
  • IMG_1633Coco checking out an "intruder"
  • IMG_1635Alfie distracted by a stick
  • IMG_1636Equally distracted
  • IMG_1637Barney having a roll
  • IMG_1642Hello Lucca!!!
  • IMG_1653Woody taking on Lucca
  • IMG_1654Human Lucca continues his practice with training us
  • IMG_1658Little Tyke is missing out on training
  • IMG_1661Woody now takes on Dan
  • IMG_1662We're all shades and sizes
  • IMG_1668Lots of us!
  • IMG_1673Crumpet the Labradoodle
  • IMG_1675Johnny
  • IMG_1679Is that Barney, George?
  • IMG_1686
  • IMG_1688
  • IMG_1690A congregation of apricots
  • IMG_1693Are we the greedy ones?
  • IMG_1694
  • IMG_1699
  • IMG_1700Coco is so excited her ears are flying
  • IMG_1639And the black ones gather around another black "intruder"
  • IMG_1648The little ones - Woody, George, Nelly and Barney
  • IMG_1652And the multi-coloureds - Miuccia, Coco and Woody
  • IMG_1728Brother and sister
  • IMG_1731Toby and Coco
  • IMG_1722Enzo and Jensen
  • IMG_1736
  • IMG_1738Bromance between George and Dan
  • IMG_1741
  • IMG_1745Coco's tail with highlights
  • IMG_1672Er, what?
  • unnamed-122
  • unnamed-120
  • unnamed-116
  • unnamed-118
  • unnamed-121
  • FullSizeRender-4As the group gathered ...
  • FullSizeRender-5... for a photo
  • FullSizeRender-6... all 20 of us plus humans!

And the doodles came to play – in London!

Hooray! The August sun peeped through the clouds and the rain held off – we had a lovely meet yesterday in Hyde Park …

We had lots of cockapoos of all shades and sizesIMG_1662

A very happy cavapoo – Woody, who was ready to take them on! He really didn’t know his size!IMG_1653

Crumpet, a “miniature” labradoodle that grew and grew! 🙂IMG_1673

and a Yorkie-poo-poo aka George who was having a bromance with Dan!IMG_1738

It was super fun just chasing each other.

As well as chased away a Poodle!IMG_1753Hey guys! A little respect! If not for the poodle we wouldn’t exist!!!!

And finally, our group photo from today …IMG_1711Left to right: Dan, Toby, Coco, Barney, Nelly, Barney, Millie, Johnny, Rusty, Lucca, Darcy, George (Yorkie-poo-poo because he’s sort of but not totally), Woody (cavapoo), Alfie, Jensen, Enzo, Miuccia, Missy, Coco, Crumpet (labradoodle)!

Missing in photo: Kiko

Well done, Mummy – you remembered all their names but don’t know half the human’s names!!! LOL!

Well, it did rain in the end – when the humans thought they could enjoy a cup of tea by the Serpentine.

May’s comment: The rain held off and so nice to see so many again despite it being August and most of our regulars are away for the summer.

The next meet will most likely be the 27th September – same time (10:30am), same place (Serpentine Gallery) and hopefully amazing Indian Summer!!!

And this is Darcy and George after the meet! RESULT!!!!IMG_1767

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