And then there was one

Sandy and Molly were brother and sister Westies who live in our mansion block. 

IMG_1226-1024x768Even though I was bigger, I was always submissive to them.  It was them against me.
IMG_1228-1024x768Then when Georgie came along, we were even!  I became bolder and I would bark at them – no more being submissive.

Then one day, it was just Sandy. We wondered if Molly was ill.  And then we were told she had gone to the Rainbow Bridge a few weeks ago. She had cancer of the liver and it had spread to her lungs.  They had to put her to sleep. 🙁

We told Sandy how sorry we were.IMG_6396It’s no longer us and them any more. We must be nice to Sandy because he’s missing his sister.

Georgie told Sandy, he will be his friend.IMG_6409“I’ll play with you, Sandy”

May’s comment: Sandy’s owner told us that as difficult it was to have lost Molly, it was equally heartbreaking to see Sandy grieving. He was at the window looking out for her. He stood by the door waiting.  We had seen him looking out the window a few weeks ago when we were out walking – and thought that was unusual – we’ve never seen either Westies do that before.

There was no way to tell him that Molly wasn’t coming home. 🙁

Sandy used to be very barky because he was always protecting his sister. But now that she’s no longer around, he doesn’t bark much any more.



  1. Gill Cowie

    How beautifully sad – if that is possible xx

  2. Alison

    Oh so sad. Poor Sandy – he must be feeling so lost.
    RIP Molly

  3. Cecilia

    Oh so sorry for Sandy, hope his owner will adopt another Westie to keep Sandy company!

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